Since at least Windows 7 I am fighting with a most annoying behavior in Windows w.r.t to multi-language pen input:

To allow me to enter German and English characters on the same keyboard without constantly having to remap my fingers (or rather my brain) I have long time ago switched to the "English International" keyboard layout which allows me to write in English AND German on the very same keyboard without switching key layouts..

Now, if I want to write using a pen (which I use a lot since Windows 7 and now in Windows 10) to make Windows properly recognize the hand-writing one always first has to adjust the input language or else Windows recognizes only garbage. This is already annoying enough. It would be much better if one could teach Windows to recognize multiple languages (e.g. on my Android table this works perfectly)!

But - even more annoying - this input language adjustment also switches the keyboard layout, i.e. if I switch to using the keyboard after having written something with the pen in German) the keyboard is also switched to the German layout, which regularly drives me nuts and forces me to edit or reenter stuff.

Why is there no option to change the recognition language ONLY for pen input but leave the keyboard layout ALWAYS the same?

This indicates to me that MS has no real clue how their users are actually using their systems! Is there really no bilingual employee within MS using the English International keyboard for typing and inking in two (or more) languages?