Windows 10 killed my dell xps 2710

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    was windows 10

    Windows 10 killed my dell xps 2710

    I sit and look at my giant paper weight and i wanna cry. Ive searched forums and google and all ive read is that im screwed i cant do any of my photography editing. Everything i read tells me that windows 10 killed my computer. Its not compatible with my computer and apparently may have killed my mother board...i have a friend hopefully testing it this week. How is this fair it started freezing up after the revert to windows 8 option had passed and there was no warning what so ever that it would harm my computer to say the least it was pushed on me with the "pop up" upgrade to windows 10 every 40 mins on the corner of my screen... I cant get a hold of anyone at dell and windows 10 people wont respond to my emails other then with a general all around sorry this has happened to you our program is not capable of causing disturbances to the mother board.... Look it up then! cause it is and no one said a thing about it and now my 3000 dollar computer is worthless!
    Anyway i dont expect help from dell or from windows that would be expecting too much but what i would like to ask is if anyone knows where i can get a new mother board and if by chance i do find one would my computer be ok in the long run as long as i dont upgrade to stupid windows 10? ( as well if so how do i revert it back to windows 8 once i get the new motherboard if i have passed the point where im allowed to revert back
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    Let's clear up one part. Windows didn't damage any of your hardware.

    Now, you never actually stated what was wrong. Is it not powering on? Is it still freezing up?

    Assuming it is powering on, you can try booting from a Windows 10 disc and repairing the OS. If your data is backed up, you can try a clean install as well.

    Dell is always reachable by Chat, and I have no idea who the "Windows 10 people" are you e-mailed, but to be honest, no one goes to Microsoft for support.

    It is possible, based on your answers to my above questions, that your laptop had a hardware failure. I can't imagine spending $3000 on a computer from an OEM, but if it was recent, you should be still covered by the warranty.

    We can try to help, but we need some basic info.
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    was windows 10
    Thread Starter

    my mother board is dead it wasn't compatible with the windows 10 update but the compatibility test passed so i assumed it was safe
    Now after having a giant paper weight ive actually researched it and xps one 2710s that have been upgraded are turned into paperweights ( at least thats what alot of sad people on forums are saying)

    I cant reboot froma windows 10 as it didnt come with a disc windows 8 was pre installed and windows ten was an upgrade
    It no longer turns on and the only culprit is the mother board i just get a black screen but you can hear the fan running and the screen occasionally flickers with a odd box with the number 10 in it. I only borrowed a laptop today so until today i had a phone and you cant use the dell chat with mobile or at least it wouldnt let me. and by window 10 people i meant microsoft yes.

    The computer was 3000 because its an all in one touch screen (gaming type computer)
    My computer is :
    Pc/ Desktop
    os was originally windows 8
    upgraded with the free upgrade to windows 10
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770S CPU @ 3.10GHz
    I dont know how to find out the motherboard model
    or the memory but i have this copied from before :
    Available Memory
    71.68 %
    Page File Size
    Available Page File
    71.60 %
    Virtual Memory
    Available Virtual Memory
    70.60 %
    thats all i know and i cant go on the computer to get any of the info if its wrong
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    I would see if it is still under warranty with Dell. You can check that quickly on their support site. Any computer new enough to run an i7-3770 processor is going to be Windows 10 compatible. One cardinal rule to remember in the future. If you buy an OEM computer, make the recovery discs right away, just in case. It sounds like your motherboard may have died, but a software/OS isn't going to cause that. If it won't power on, it does potentially sound like the motherboard died. You could also look to see if there's a way to reset the CMOS on your system.
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    Maybe some of this may help :

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

    angrycompowner : It is highly unlikely that a OS install would kill you motherboard.

    As a cross diagnostic test, see if you can get ahold of a linux live distro, if you find that it runs then your motherboard is fine.

    As to the issue you posted, when you are at the black screen have you tried pushing the power button a couple of times?, not a push and hold but a quick push, wait and quick push again... sounds more like a video driver issue to me.

    As I do a quick search I see that many users with that same system have successfully upgraded to 10

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    As a cross diagnostic test, see if you can get ahold of a linux live distro, if you find that it runs then your motherboard is fine.
    From what I understand this machine doesn't even post so I doubt he'd be able to install anything at all.

    sounds more like a video driver issue to me
    +1 and a very annoying one to boot (no pun intended).

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

    And I still say it is highly unlikely that the mb is toast

    "the screen occasionally flickers with a odd box with the number 10 in it"
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    Windows 10 Pro X64


    odd box with the number 10 in it
    Seems like "Winver" is still working...................

    I'm out of here.

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    Dell officially supports Windows 8.1 on the XPS One 2710, so it's unlikely that Windows 10 is incompatible with your motherboard. Dell may not have bothered testing 10 on the machine, but that's a long way from being incompatible. (Unfortunately, it may mean that Dell may refuse to offer you help with the upgrade.)

    I hope that you have a chum who is savvy enough to test the machine. There's a lot that should be checked before you try to buy a new motherboard.

    Such as:

    Can the machine get into the BIOS setup (F2 hotkey?)

    Can the machine boot from a bootable USB flash drive (such as a Win 10 installation device made by the Media Creation Tool)?

    I agree that it's very unlikely that any operating system changes have fried your motherboard. Unfortunately, you may still have a mess on your hands that may be difficult to recover, if you lack backups for your files and applications.

    I foresee a lot of this sort of thing happening in the future. Even if you have a stable Windows 10 installation, Microsoft will be putting out significant updates (like the Nov. 2015 one) at intervals as mandatory Windows Updates. They may be good for security and other reasons, but any major change has some risk of making Windows unbootable. I doubt that Microsoft has the support structure in place to deal with that.
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