Windows 10: Windows 10 killed my dell xps 2710

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  1.    22 Aug 2016 #71

    nimrod2710 said: View Post
    Up until now, I had assumed that the software could not damage my hardware. I was wrong
    No, you were correct. Windows 10 is not damaging hardware. Simple as that.
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  2.    11 Sep 2016 #72

    It's most certainly 10. I can't prove this but after buying two units and replacing the bios chips they work fine. I even went as far as installing the old bios chip just to make sure it was indeed the issue. Both of these machines went belly up after being forced through windows update to windows 10. I can't go as far as saying this will remedy every single dead 2710 but its worth the $22 risk and soldering the replacement chip onto the board isn't very difficult. Only downfall to this fix is you will lose the product key embedded into the bios and you won't have a service tag. Give it a try and see for yourself, this just may fix that expensive paperweight.
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  3.    12 Sep 2016 #73

    The very first thing you want to do after the machine is back up and running and this is critical in my own opinion is go directly to into bios by hitting f2 and change the boot order to odd first so that you can boot from the system restore DVD and install Win 8.1 back on the machine. I'm going to extract the BIOS beforehand and flash it back onto the original SPI with my SPI programmer so that I have a backup and then install the latest build of 10. I'm curious to see if maybe it was a bug in that specific build or if it was an issue with rev. A09 BIOS. I'm all but certain for some odd reason Win 10 somehow gets into to UEFI and either changes something or scrambles the data rendering the machine non-functional.
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  4.    18 Sep 2016 #74

    Fix the graphics chip

    angrycompowner said: View Post
    I sit and look at my giant paper weight and i wanna cry. Ive searched forums and google and all ive read is that im screwed i cant do any of my photography editing. Everything i read tells me that windows 10 killed my computer. Its not compatible with my computer and apparently may have killed my mother board...i have a friend hopefully testing it this week. How is this fair it started freezing up after the revert to windows 8 option had passed and there was no warning what so ever that it would harm my computer to say the least it was pushed on me with the "pop up" upgrade to windows 10 every 40 mins on the corner of my screen... I cant get a hold of anyone at dell and windows 10 people wont respond to my emails other then with a general all around sorry this has happened to you our program is not capable of causing disturbances to the mother board.... Look it up then! cause it is and no one said a thing about it and now my 3000 dollar computer is worthless!
    Anyway i dont expect help from dell or from windows that would be expecting too much but what i would like to ask is if anyone knows where i can get a new mother board and if by chance i do find one would my computer be ok in the long run as long as i dont upgrade to stupid windows 10? ( as well if so how do i revert it back to windows 8 once i get the new motherboard if i have passed the point where im allowed to revert back
    I was having an issue with my AIO XPS, no video, black screen. I sent it to Dell who I told them repeatedly it was the motherboard, they tried to fix the screen and after a month finally told me it was the motherboard. THere would have been an additional cost over the $269 I already paid. I had them send it back and they provided me a refund. I found someone in IL who actually was able to replace the graphics chip. The issue was the paste on the chip was all dried up with caused the heatsink to fail which cooked the chip. He was able to put a new chip on the board with better paste than original and it now works. Total cost $230. My system ran WIn10 for well over a year without any issues. The people that are seeing repeat failures I would ask if they have a new or refurbished motherboard? Probably poorly fixed refurbs as it isn't easy to replace the chip.
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  5.    19 Sep 2016 #75

    Just picked up my 4th xps2710 last evening. Spent the entire day trying everything to reset or clear the cmos to get to a post screen to no avail. This model has the Nvidia and Intel graphics cores. After pulling the motherboard BIOS chip and flashing my backed up A12 firmware it sucessfully posts. It boils down to either a poor design on Dells part with the BIOS or a Win 10 issue. I'm sure there is a defect with the the Nvidia chips on some boards especially after having replaced many of the 6150 chips a few years back due to either heat damage or needing reballed but i haven't ran into that issue with the xps 2710 as of yet, knock on wood. Picking up another Nvidia based 2710 machine tonight to revive. I'll post my findings.
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  6.    19 Sep 2016 #76

    If you check the Dell community site and ask about the 2710 you will see recommendations not to go to Win 10 since it does not work well with those systems. I have a 2720 and it works fine.
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  7.    10 Oct 2016 #77

    Sorry to revive the old thread, but I've just run into the same problem. My parents have the XPS 2710, which was updated automatically to W10 at some point. Until yesterday the machine ran OK, occasionally showing the black screen for some time before booting up.

    Yesterday it's stopped booting, just showing the black screen. I tried the suggestion from the Microsoft community thread mentioned here (reset CMOS, reboot while tapping the soft keys and enter), once I managed to get into BIOS, but then it didn't get to W10 and is showing black ever since.

    I gather that somehow I need to update the BIOS, but I don't want to solder the chip. Has anyone heard of a way to do that without booting? My Acer board on my desktop allows direct BIOS updating, but I am at a loss with this Dell.
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  8.    10 Oct 2016 #78

    Doesn't look like updating the bios will help as Dell aren't supporting Win 10 on the 2710. Sounds like the graphics driver might be causing the black screen but to be honest it could be any driver.

    Reading here:
    Dell all in one xps 2710 black screen unresponsive - General Hardware - Desktop - Dell Community

    reports of the motherboard going belly up.

    I take it there is no way of booting into safemode and reverting back to previous os via the recovery mode?
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  9.    10 Oct 2016 #79

    I did read a lot of such threads. I'm aware of Dell changing motherboards. However, it was also mentioned, as above in this thread, that it's not really the motherboard. With a new BIOS I could boot to a flash drive and install W8 (was there originally).
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  10.    20 Feb 2017 #80

    I have a 2710 with similar issues discussed here. I've ordered the bios chip and received it. Does anyone have the exact location of the chip that needs to be replaced. Looks like there are two potential locations. I'm thinking it's the one near the letters ""rom". Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
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