Hi guys,

I have an old netbook here and Id like try Windows 10. However, it shuts down when I try to start a clean installation. If I try to upgrade from windows 7 it works, but eventually the same problem happens during boot. It happens when the windows logo appears and the circle is rotating.

I've realized that if I boot the computer with a bootable windows 7 disk, cancel the windows 7 installation and try windows 10 installation again, it will work, but eventually the problem comes back and the computer turn itself off during boot again. So, I need to start windows 7 installation and cancel it to have windows 10 boot working, but the problem happens again after some time.

When it boots, windows 10 works great. My netbook is an Itautec W7020 with Intel Atom processor and Intel GMA 3150 graphic card.

Any idea?

(Sorry any English issue)