Microsoft support keeps showing this MVP reasons why to many

0xC1900101-0x4000D - The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation

Disable (preferrably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before attempting the upgrade.
Disable General USB Devices (example - Smart Card Reader).
Do a clean boot and try again.
If you are upgrading using the .ISO file, disconnect from the Internet during setup, if you are connected by LAN (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi, disable both and attempt setup again.
If you are updating through Windows Update, when the download reaches 100% disconnect from the Internet LAN (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi and proceed with the installation.
If that does not work, try using the .ISO file to upgrade if possible.
If you are connected to a domain, switch to a local account
If you have any external devices attached to the machine, disconnect them (example, USB keys, external hard disk, printers, non-essential devices).

Clean boot will disable all non-microsoft processes eliminating possibility of running process interfering with the upgrade, never saw this recommendation done here to know how it works.