I am trying to redo my Windows 10 PC. The network adaptors cannot be changed so I brought a new SSD drive and started installing everything fresh. Once Windows was up I started installing all my programs and transferring data from the original SSD to the new one. Do this by swapping it out. Evrything was going fine and I copied documents and AppData to a hard drive partition all good.
Problem started when I tried to copy the music folder over for iTunes so I did not have to redo the library. Copied the folder to D: like everything else. Swapped out the drives and rebooted and no sign of the folder I copied over. Thought it was security related so created a new folder called my iTunes on the D drive under the new SSD. Swapped the drives and it was there on the old SSD. Copy the folders in the music folder into my folder and swapped the SSD's back and again now the my iTunes folder has vanished to the eye. No way to get at it under the new SSD even though the directory was created with it.

At a loss as to how to get the files over. Thought about a USB stick formatted as Fat32 to see if that works. Anyone else ever seen this issue? It is the first time I have seen it in many many years of computing going back to Commodore64