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File Explorer has become a real mess - Windows 10 Forums

Windows seems to have added to the mess! All of a sudden something (I suspect File Explorer due to its earlier bad behavior) creates and leaves empty directories all over my directory tree. Editing a file in a given directory may or may not wind up with a bunch of truly strange directories created. These all popped up while editing several files using Excel (Office Professional 2003) this morning, so Excel may be playing badly with Windows. I had deleted several of these in other directories over the past few days, so I cannot specifically say Excel was involved with all of them as I was not keeping track of them at the time.

I have no clue to the naming. Nothing there looks at all familiar, and I only speak and read English.

At one time, one of the directories even ended up on my list of programs on Classic Shell. At this point I do not suspect Classic Shell since I opened the files from File Explorer.

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Note: Right now all data is currently on the computer, not my network drive, since we are traveling. So no question about the network being involved in the problem.