THREE Recovery partitions?

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    Word Man said:
    Hi, spacecon.

    I think the 350 MB may be a typo (either mistyped or not updated as things changed) BUT, I would suggest you can ask @Brink about this and get his own clarification or correction - either by PMing him or by posting in the thread that trails the tutorial.

    The "450 MB System Reserved" partition Brink describes is what you would get if you have UEFI booting in BIOS, i.e., Windows will (after you delete all partitions) install to and format your disk with a GPT partition scheme. Since you currently seem to have an MBR disk scheme, and assuming your BIOS is only capable of "Legacy" booting (i.e., non-UEFI), Windows will install to and format your disk with an MBR partition scheme - in this case, you will have a 500 MB "System Reserved" partition to the left of your C: partition, as topgundcp pointed out earlier.
    Yep, it's supposed to be 450 MB. Corrected now.
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    Brink said:
    Yep, it's supposed to be 450 MB. Corrected now.
    Sorry but it is still incorrect. For MBR partition scheme, It should be 500MB System Reserved partition, not 450MB. Look at my post #39
    @Word Man
    NOTE: The "450 MB System Reserved" partition Brink describes is what you would get if you have UEFI booting in BIOS
    With GPT installation, there's no System Reserved partition. the 450MB is the Recovery partition.
    You actually don't have to do a fresh install if you can get somebody to give you the 500MB System Reserved partition. Here's what I did for my friend's PC.
    1. Made a backup of the 500MB System Reserved from my PC using Macrium & Restore it to my friend's PC.
    2. Copy his orginal C drive to be the 2nd partition
    3. Boot up with Macrium Rescue disk and select Fix the Boot problem
    4. Reboot.
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    How's that now? :)
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    This is what I have now. Should I quit and be happy?

    Thanks for all the info about the extra partitions. I am definitely confused by them. Between my wife and my computers, I have seen 100MB System Reserved (which I thought was from Windows 7 and I am not sure if it is still needed, but I am leaving it), also 450MB Healthy recovery partition, also 496MB Healthy Recovery partition, and now my wifes' healthy recovery partition has grown to over 800MB (and I have not messed with hers at all). I can't help but think that these things must change size over time.

    Anyway, I restored mine back to what it was before I moved partitions around. Everything seems to be working. I think I should just leave it as is, right? Here is what shows in Disk Manager now. I realize I can extend C to take up the unallocated space. Thank you all and sorry to make such a mess of things.

    THREE Recovery partitions?-dmnow.png
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    spacecon said:
    Yes, I can shrink the C drive to give unallocated space, but the recovery partition is still on the far right, beyond the unallocated space. So when I try to use Macrium Reflect to restore to a different disk I have to have one larger than the original, one large enough to handle the extra space that is unallocated, or else I get an error message that it cannot restore. I believe it tries to put the restore partition in the same position on disk that it was originally, even though there is spare space that is unallocated. I think there are ways around that, but I thought I could avoid it altogether by "simply" moving the recovery partition to the left. Obviously not so simple after all.
    I am putting in a final comment to correct my erroneous previous comments as shown above, so that hopefully I don't send anyone else down the wrong path I was taking:

    As stated above, I thought that I needed to move partitions around, so that I could shrink the used space on my disk in order to restore an image made by Macrium Reflect to a smaller disk drive than the one I made the image from. This was based on my ignorance of how to use Macrium Reflect. I found out that if I used the default restore, it would tell me there is not enough space on the new drive even though much of the image being restored was unused space. I assumed this was because I had a system partition on the "far right" in the image I was restoring. But I later found out that you can drop and drag the partitions from the image to the new disk in Reflect and restore that way, so that you don't get the error. It is no wonder people were not understanding why I was trying to move the partitions - I did not realize it was not necessary. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to everyone for their patience and help.
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