How Much Windows 10 Will Cost?

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    macOS Big Sur

    caperjack said:
    I read something earlier today that said it would be smarter for Microsoft to give it to win7 users free or really cheap ,thought was to increase the numbers of win10 users greatly .
    That's a really good idea! After Windows 8, they really need to do something serious to get Win7 users to buy there product.

    Personally.. I like Windows 8! I think it was a good move, however there were still many people who were stuck in Windows XP and wanted to upgrade to something that would be somewhat similar. Which Windows 8 was not.

    However, if you want a nice, clean, stable OS, then Windows 8 is a really good option! It really isn't that difficult to learn how to use the Start Screen.

    I guess we'll just see how Windows 10 plays out.
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    personally at first I did not like win8 ,but with the update to 8.1 with a few more choices ,as to how to use start and the desktop ,and more ways to tarn the darn thing off ,lol. I really like it now after over 2 years use. will I buy win10 I don't know ,haven't bought a os since win95 it was on a new computer ,last new computer until I bought the one I use now last year
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    macOS Big Sur

    Well if it turns out to be a free upgrade for Win8 users, then I suppose you won't have to worry about buying anything.
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    insider build 10586.3 win10 pro 64

    if by chance they give a good deal to win 7 users ill go back to win7 and get that deal
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    adamf said:
    Fahadking07 said:
    Guess 0$
    We will be paid to take it then?
    Oh loool :P

    Didn't noticed that...
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    Windows 10 X64

    Well Caperjack, if Win 7 coujld getif for free, then at least there would be less Win7 users (just joking guys)

    Honestly, ok if something needs to be paid, but not alot, since there is not that much difference compared to Win 8.1

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    Windows 10

    Edwin said:

    We should be, at least those of us who tested the living daylights out it and sent in hundreds of lucid feedback suggestions!
    Lucid..?? Nobody said they had to be lucid...!!
    Aw crap...
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    Windows 10

    Rickkins said:
    Edwin said:

    We should be, at least those of us who tested the living daylights out it and sent in hundreds of lucid feedback suggestions!
    Lucid..?? Nobody said they had to be lucid...!!
    Aw crap...
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    Hi there

    All these things are speculation.

    It does seem in some way that finally for a lot of people the economy is slowly (albeit VERY slowly in some cases) on the mend so the market will be out there for when W10 hits the streets.

    I'll put my head on the block here. People will STILL be standing in line for it (or crashing servers at download) when it's released.

    When W10 IS released as a consumer or even a business enterprise product it will be in so far as desktop / laptop computers are concerned a mega success. It might never reach the sales volume of XP - but that's not because of the product --the entire market has changed and what we CAN say is that tablets certainly haven't made the inroads that they were expected to. Desktop type computing has proved far more resilient than a lot of people expected so Ms should pick up a lot on W10.

    What IMO could kill the reasonably rosy outlook for W10 is if they decide to do a mega "CLOUD" push and incorporate a lot of subscription models.

    Maybe the market could take that many years down the line but most consumers aren't yet ready to treat computer software like a mobile phone contract or a utility bill.

    What I hope Ms really consider is a small say "Family pack" of between 3 and 5 licenses.

    I can't think of a single person I know where there aren't at least 3 - usually more - computers in the household - that way they would get a massive amount of people updating.

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    win10 insider Enterprise

    Its free for win7 and newer existing users for the lifetime of the device its installed onto, if upgraded within 1 yr of release.
    Suspect w10 will beccome quickly super popular @ $free :)

    Wonder how long it will be before all of the tv sets on the market have the win10 hub built in and how much those ink pens will cost. Touch Screen TV coming soon.
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