For about 12 hours now my laptop has been unable to run any videos from online sources. I arrived last night from a flight to try and run a youtube video, only to have it not load and ask me to reboot my device. I did, and tried again, only to have no videos load from any online source, be it youtube, netflix, vimeo or anything else. The screen just stays blank. This occurrs on every browser.

Furthermore, none of my online games will run. Opening games like League of Legends, hearthstone or starcraft does run the launcher, but once I try to run the game itself it just does not open.

Videos saved on my hard drive do run, so I dont beleive its an issue with my graphics card. This is extremely weird, has anyone else run into a problem like this? I have tried reinstalling the game clients and my browsers, but the problems persist. Even weirder is that I was not having these issues hours before my flight, but did have them when i tried mere hours after I got off it. I havent found anyone else online with a similar problem, is it just me?