I have a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-1051 that until this weekend was successfully running on Windows 10 upgrade.
Suddenly this weekend it refused to add or change tabs in the Google Chrome browser. Tapping the X or + boxes did nothing. Then tapping some links within the browser failed to open.
Then folders and applications would not respond to tapping the Windows X icons.

To make this more complicated, my Lenovo bkc800 Bluetooth keyboard fails to connect to the tablet (but that's a separate complaint with Lenovo) making keyboard shortcuts impossible.

I am now unable to close the browser or any app unless I use the task manager to end them. In the browser tabs and in some programs the window -+ are greyed out or missing.

A few months ago I upgraded from Windows 8.5 to Win 10 and until now everything worked fine. In my effort to solve this problem I managed to update the Lenovo BIOS along with various device drivers and Win 10 updates. As far as I know they were successful and this computer powers up properly to my desktop applications. But programs, folders, tabs, etc. will not respond to touch taps. Based on similar problems found in this forum I have run System File Checker/Scannow. It ran relatively quickly in less than an hour and found no problems to correct.

This is VERY VERY frustrating. I have no idea if it is connected to Win 10 or Chrome or any other application. I have not upgraded anything. It might be a hardware issue but Win 10 or Google upgrades seem more likely to me.

Any help appreciated.