Hi -

Sorry if the subject line is a bit vague but I couldn't think of a better way of putting it.

I put my laptop into Sleep mode last night (running windows 10) and when I woke it this morning all of the files I'd worked on/created/downloaded over the past week had gone. This also applied to the desktop changes I'd made (ie which apps appear in the launch bar at the base of the screen) and even my internet browsing history - this shows everything I've visited today and then it continues with last Sunday - one week ago!

It has retained any software I've loaded (though not the desktop shortcuts) but it acts as though I've never used them before and I have to go through initial set-up or registration again. I've also got all of the files that have sat unaltered over the past week but everything i've looked at is completely gone.

Not so much a case of crying over a few lost files but I really need to understand what may have happened so it wont happen again.

Any ideas?

Thanks very much,