Windows 10: Win10 never rests

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    Win10 never rests

    It's been hours now, and Win10 simply will not quit running north of 85% cpu. I ran windows update troubleshooter, and that seemed to help, but after a while Modules Installer comes back. I understand there is level 2 optimization that must take place, but when does it end?

    Really glad I went to linux on my own machine.
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    What is your system specifications?

    You are not the only one that has a problem like this, especially with doing the upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10. I have seen this problem generally happen on laptops or on desktop PCs that have a processor that is a Dual-Core "Celeron, Pentium, AMD Athlon X2, A4 and A6 APU's, and with a RAM capacity of 2 GB.

    There have been changes in Windows Update to where it takes a minimum of 3 GB of RAM for the system to fully take advantage of Windows Update. I'm not sure why though, because every computer that I update that has 2 GB of RAM, will hang while trying to Install Windows Updates, or just after Windows loading to desktop. This is noticeable on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Also on select versions of Windows Vista that this has came about.

    The issue I have seen, is the CPU would go all the way to 100%, and the RAM would max out to 98% usage, causing system hangs and freezes, and the Windows Modules Installer, as you just mentioned, was always the culprit.

    I did a simple test. I had an old AMD system with a Phenom X4 9850 and put 2 GB of RAM in the system. After the system booted, My CPU would go to 75% and RAM would go to 96%. RAM would go down after a few minutes, but would shoot back up, with no changes in my system. I added in an extra 2 GB stick, bringing it up to 4 GB of RAM. After the system booted, the RAM read it was at 2.30 GB used, and my CPU usage stayed normal at about 2% shooting up to 45% at times, and Windows Update went on with no issues.

    Not sure if this issue is anywhere close to your issue, but I don't recommend any computer these days to have less than 4 GB of RAM.

    I now have an ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 with a FX-6300 CPU and 4 GB 1333 Mhz Gskill Ripjaws RAM, and my system runs perfect with Windows 10 Pro.

    Glad you have a working Linux system.
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    I'm on an AMD E1-1200, 1.4ghz x2, with 4gb ram. There should be plenty of power here to drive the OS. On the MS forums I found to run sfc and dism. I'm on sfc right now.

    Next to this unit is a Win7 netbook that spent four hours spinning the Windows Update wheel. As I was typing this it finally produced the needed update list. I think MS is out of control, spoiled by its monopoly over the computer. My Linux machine, while I have had a learning curve to face, to borrow an expression, "just works". I would use Linux all the time, but unfortunately I have to deal with the real world.

    Edit: yes, it is an upgrade from 8.1
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    You are correct, that should be plenty of power to drive Windows 10 with no issues. I had fixed a laptop with an A3 AMD processor (A3 or A4), I can't remember. It was a HP 2000 laptop. That laptop had Windows 8.1, and I swear, that was the most sluggish system I had ever dealed with. A clean install of Windows was fine, but then trying to install updates and programs was a nuisance.

    I think Microsoft only does some basic testing on systems that they believe meet the "Minimum Requirements", and then just release the media without thinking about the footprint or the hardware that the system is going to be running on.

    As one thing I have learned from others, Microsoft does not "test" their software anymore, as they have set the general public to be the testers and giving them the insight on how we as customers like the new software that is offered to us by Microsoft, and giving them options on how to better them. They are forgetting the aspect that its not just the software that needs to be improved. Its also the system software itself needs to be improved, to ensure maximum performance on systems that do not have crazy beefed up specifications, such as mine.

    Also I think hardware manufacturers need to try to work more closely with Microsoft to ensure their hardware and products work properly with the operating system before releasing them to the general public.

    For myself being a computer technician for nearly 10 years, things have gotten progressively worse. Better on some systems, but worse on others. I build my own systems, and I tend to stick with ones that I know that are going to work and perform well, and I guess sometimes I have to spend a lot of money to get a good performing system.

    I have played with Linux before back when I was in college, mostly fedora, Ubuntu, xubuntu and Redhat for learning purposes, but never used them as primary operating systems before.
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  5.    19 Dec 2015 #5

    I also work on laptops, and I also think MS has gotten worse. The update situation is a disaster. Vista, basically a good OS, was almost completely abandoned. 7 deserved an SP2, but there's no money in servicing 7. 8 was an unmitigated disaster because of sheer arrogance. I actually like 8.1, but when it doesn't work right it is too hard to work on. I don't trust 10 at all, beginning with the keylogger in the beta.

    The workman is worthy of his wages, but it is not a healthy thing for the world to be dependent on one company like this. Linux, we were told for years, was "almost there". I was happy to discover earlier this year that it finally actually arrived. It is a fully usable desktop/laptop OS. After trying several distros in a VM, I found Linux Lite, which is much like the classic 7. Solid as a rock, and I don't miss the MS follies.
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    There have been numerous complaints about the Windows 10 keylogger in terms on privacy issues. I do agree and feel for them. Microsoft should stay out of our personal business. They always put in their disclaimers "Information will be sent to Microsoft, but will not be used to contact you" Sorry to say, that is a lie, due to the fact that Microsoft somehow got my information and contacted me to do a survey regarding my experience with Windows 7, which I never gave them any information.

    However, there are a bunch of websites that say that Windows 10 does not have the keylogger, because that would be "Against the Law". but it was put down that Microsoft would put down policies that would allow programs to be able to send some information to Microsoft to help improve their products, but not to harm the actual users of the system. That so far has not happened to me yet, as only I got a phone call to give feedback on an experience, but I do understand that Microsoft needs info to improve services, but I think Microsoft needs to not use that as a way of trying to catch terrorists, or people going onto illegal sites, or searching for specific information using Cortana, etc. So I can understand why you don't trust Windows 10.
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  7.    20 Dec 2015 #7

    After sfc and dism, I'm now down to 51%. I guess I'm supposed to be thankful for that. MS deserves the trouncing it is going to get in the marketplace.
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  8.    20 Dec 2015 #8

    paul1149 said: View Post
    It's been hours now, and Win10 simply will not quit running north of 85% cpu. I ran windows update troubleshooter, and that seemed to help, but after a while Modules Installer comes back. I understand there is level 2 optimization that must take place, but when does it end?

    Really glad I went to linux on my own machine.
    Hi, if you could
    - tell us the history briefly- e.g. have you just clean installed Win 10? have you just upgraded to Win 10? have you just upgraded Win 10 to build 10540?
    - post a screenshot of your task manager, highest CPU first
    someone might be able to offer more specific advice.

    What happens if you do a clean boot (naturally more relevant if you upgraded from a previous edition of Windows)?
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    What Process is hogging the CPU? And how much Percent is it using?
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    I think I stumbled upon the solution. At some point a popup appeared saying windows was having trouble install an update. I found updates in CP and manually updated. I also changed the setting to "schedule a restart" rather than the strange auto-restart.

    At the same time, I had noticed that the touchpad driver was not working correctly, so I installed a better driver for that. But the main solution was to get this update out of the way. Whether the modules worker was trying to install an update, or looking for the latest updates available, I don't know. But it seems to have been at the heart of the problem.
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