hi. developing a windows store balloon game where you have to pop the balloons, then you get a score, and then other levels. well, had to select developer
mode for visual studio 2015 community edition for windows 10, then it loaded up as a windows 8.1, unless windows 10 is built on windows 8.1. even though
I have 64 bit pro.now, found some javascript code to enhance the game, with a typing tutor, but my other query, need help, if there are some accessibility
gurus for universal apps and javascript, let me know. need to have keyboard events, and build accessibility into them. tried searching, trawled through
about 30 pages, tried different keywoards. could not find any javascript or windows 8.1 , windows 10 examples. for how to put keyboard support and accessibility
into that and for different parts of the screen to be read by a screen reader. any accessibility, or it pros here, able to point me in the right direction.
and learning to do this, final project for my it course, not to do it for me, learnt a lot, but just need a gentle push in the right direction, maybe some
articles, you could point to. once done, can some one take a look at my code, test in visual studio 2015, to make sure I am on the right track and it works
with the keyboard and a screen reader. you can download a 40 minute demo of jaws from
Freedom Scientific Home Page
or get a fully functioned free windows screen reader, non visual desktop access (nvda),
NV Access
or a free copy of windows eyes for office 2010, 2013, from
Ai Squared - Weve got accessibility covered. - Ai Squared .
if you can help that would be great. thanks. marvin from Adelaide, Australia. ps: need to go and re-read my final code project and the final chapter of
the tutorial to get an idea, been a while since I looked at this project.