Disabling Hibernation caused laptop to not shut down completely Solved

  1.    08 Dec 2015 #1

    Disabling Hibernation caused laptop to not shut down completely


    Hope you guys can help.

    When I go to Start -> Power -> Shut down, it displays the "Shutting down..." window, then the screen goes black, but the laptop won't shut down completely. That is, the WiFi, Bluetooth and Power (light bulb) indicators are still on (and the battery indicator too if plugged), and I have to force (power button long press) the laptop to shut down. I can also shutdown the WiFi and Bluetooth devices using the keyboard at this stage (with FN button). And if I keep the laptop this way long enough (unplugged), my battery will be completely drained.

    I recently disabled Hibernation (cmd admin -> powercfg/h off) so I suspected it to be the culprit. So I enabled hibernation again (cmd admin -> powercfg/h off) and my laptop was shutting down as it should. I then disabled hibernation again and the problem came back. I also figured it might be something to do with my power plan so I reset it (Power options -> Change plan settings -> Restore default settings for this plan), but it didn't help.

    I would like to disable hibernation and be able to shut down properly. Any ideas?

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    Thank you but I already had Fast Startup disabled. I tried the .bat file method in the link you provided to be on the safe side. It didn't work.
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    I'm getting the same problem, never had the problem before with window 8.1
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    Well I got it fixed. I read somewhere you should disconnect the CMOS battery to get this fixed, so I did that. I also disconnected and reconnected any cable I could see just to make sure. Now with hibernation either enabled or disabled, my laptop will shut down completely.

    Problem is my fans stopped working after the disassembly :/ I took the laptop apart again and found that I didn't connect one of the fans properly (cable was loose), so I fixed that but my fans are still not working
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    davidspivak said: View Post
    Problem is my fans stopped working after the disassembly :/ I took the laptop apart again and found that I didn't connect one of the fans properly (cable was loose), so I fixed that but my fans are still not working
    Removing the CMOS battery will reset the bios to defaults. Sometimes there is a setting in bios for fan control - look in bios and see if you have a setting for fan control and if it changed to a different setting.
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    Ok, two updates:

    1) The shut down problem is back again I guess the shut down working properly before was just random? I didn't change anything since it was working again so I have no idea why this is happening. I did go into the bios but the shut down problem was back before I did that.

    2) The fans are working again! I just blew at one of them and they kicked in. I didn't know that about the CMOS battery and the bios, thank you. I checked the bios but couldn't find anything there related to the fans so I didn't change anything. But I'm not sure the fans are working properly:
    a) Sometimes they will just stop spinning and they will turn on again after a while. I guess they do that because of the temperature being low enough, but I have no idea if this was happening before.
    b) I'm using a fan control software (Gigabyte Smart Manger v3) and the fans are not responding to any changes I make in the software like they used to.
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    Update: I reset my laptop to factory settings (drives formatted and rollback to Win 8.1). The fans are working as they used to but surprisingly the shut down problem is still here
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    Sorry for the triple post. Just wanted to say I solved the problem. Apparently the culprit was the new version of Gigabyte's Smart Manager software (v5.2.9). I uninstalled the software and the problem is now gone.
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