Hello. I've been having a weird issue for the last two days with Windows 10 10586.17. Normally I use the Spanish - Latin American keyboard layout besides the English - US one. Windows recently decided to add Spanish - Spanish (which is really different from the other one) and is constantly changing the layout to that one without my intervention! (That is, even without pressing alt+shift the layout will change by itself after a while.)

Even stranger, while both Spanish layouts are shown in the language switcher menu left to the clock in the taskbar, both the old Control Panel and the new Settings App show only the correct Spanish - Latin American keyboard layout. This means I can't even uninstall the wrong one. The only solution so far is to choose the correct layout with the mouse from that menu every time it changes.

What can I do? It's driving me insane.


ps: the accent key is located differently on both layouts, so this affects 95% of the words that I write