Heard that anything with a .ecc extension is a crypto virus, so i did a search.
Found over a thousand of them !

So I tried deleting them, to the Recyle Bin.

They don't show up there, at all.

In Agent Ransack, they now seem to come up as:

$Recycle.bin\lots of numbers

What is the $ ?
Why can't I delete them ?

Why don't they show in the Recycle bin; at least for the ones that "seem to" have been deleted ?
Agent Ransack still shows them all, though, but with many now as the $Recycle bin
How can I get rid of them all ?

What should I do, please ?

My old W7 got corrupted with this, so am very, very worried.

Using BitDefender, but it apparently found nothing
Also ran that MS Malware Tool, but it also found nothing