Could someone please explain to me what this folder is in my C-drive? Its enormous and might well be the reason I couldn't SHRINK the partition down as much as I would have liked! ( I am just rebuilding a new pc system after my pc totally died).
I trawled the Web and found nothing, and I am worried it might be indicating a temperature problem with my C-drive which I would like to know before my return period of this new pc (Surface Book) runs out.
The files are predominantly about 3MB each; and seems to be at varying intervals (date modified) of just a few minutes; and all seem to be during a 3 day period.... a few days ago. Ultimately I would like to delete them but it is not hurting me at the moment so I have left as is!
Example of a file name = 00ac45b4-d96b-473f-adf6-636b7211790d
Many thanks, Peter