I'm unfamiliar with diagnosing errors. My PC turned itself off a couple times and I've also witnessed firsthand while it got a BSOD. First time was:
And second time (today) is:

I noticed my PC going slow. I have Daum Potplayer windows open, I think I closed my BeaTunes java process, Bitdefender turned on (btw I'm contacting them since it's blocking malicious sites Beatunes browses for lyrics but I've explicity turned off and whitelisted BeaTunes since it has scripts disabled...maybe someone can help or just suggest Kaspersky...).
Oh and I have tons of browser tabs open that I never get around to (save them with Session Manager since I'm a packrat). Heck, suggestions for that would help. I plan on doing Evernote Web Clipping and unlikely someday start perusing my old Sessions.
I started using CyberFox since it's 64-bit and might check out other Firefox branches.
PC slows down and I start checking my RAM and CPU usage. Stuff sometimes crashes (explorer.exe), especially my browser. I'm concerned about a possibility of memory leaks somewhere and I'm using Process Hacker (which doesn't seem to integrate in Win10 for me).
Someone mind hitting me up with the location of any logs or let me provide whatever info is needed or I try some tricks?
But, yeah, worse than these crashes is trying to find an alternative to my unhealthy unorganized browsing habit and leaving all my programs open. If I fixed my routine, a BSOD wouldn't be as devastating. Also figure out if this BSOD is related to (root or symptom) of my CyberFox and other crashing (explorer.exe...).
Thanks 10forum