I have an older HP laptop... it is a hp Compaq nc6400. the fet windows 10 app said that the machine was not compatible with windows 10 due to the ati radeon x1300 graphics adapter. I was looking at craigslist in my area last night and saw the same machine listed for sale for way too much money but I sent the owner a text message about it telling him I have the same machine and how he managed to install it. he was quite nice and told me to use the media creation tool and force the upgrade. asked him about performance and he said it is much better than windows 7 and no problems with the display. took the risk this morning and forced the install.... the outcome was far better than expected... so far it is like night and day between windows 7 pro and windows 10 pro. only issue is so far I cannot figure out how to scroll with the trackpad but I can live with that and it looks like the ambient light sensor for the display is disabled which I am happy about at least I set the brightness of the display and it stays set where I want it. so far I am :):):)