i have two different problems on windows 10
first of all i have windows 10 pro and i'm using a desktop not a laptop

so first problem:
i want to change the windows display language for a friend from English to Arabic he also uses the same windows version as i am, I've followed the tutorial posted here on this website but i see "set as default" button instead of "set as primary" button when i press at the language i want to be the display language for the windows
so when i try and press at the "set as default language" button on the Arabic language it moves up to be the at the top of the installed languages BUT this message does not appear "will be display language the next time you sign-in", therefore after re-signing in the windows language remains the same (English) but the priority of the writing language changes to be Arabic as default

second problem:
for problems i have within my mouse i need to change normal windows mouse settings particularly a specific setting which is "Roll the mouse wheel to scroll" from "one screen at a time" to "multiple lines at a time"
as well as changing how many lines to scroll each time from 3 to 2

by changing these settings everything goes well BUT when restarting windows these settings return to default and the changes were not to be saved, how can i prevent windows from resetting these settings each time i shutdown or restart the windows?