Iíve been running on Win 10 upgrade since it came out, and yesterday I did a clean install of Win 10 pro. I not sure if this has to do with Ms shared account stuff syncing, most of it I have disabled, but herein lies the issue.

Put my laptop to sleep last night, all I use for is to search the net, and email. While working on my desktop (clean install) I walked past my laptop, and woke it from sleep, but did not use it.
I go back to tweaking settings on my desktop, and the next thing I know, I canít type anything, anywhere. I found out that if I hold a key down for couple seconds, it types the letter. I just chalked it up to a windows glitch, and knew after installing a program, I was going to have to reboot any ways. Reboot solved the problem.

I then take a break from my desktop, and what do know, same exact issue on my laptop, restart, problem came right back, cold boot, still canít type. Connected a USB KB, same issue ? ? ?

It can't be a coincidence that same thing happened on both computers, only difference, restart/cold boot didn't fix the laptop.