Windows 10: Windows 10 Won't Sleep

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  1.    11 Dec 2015 #41

    Hi, thanks for the new tasklist file. You will probably find the older one under the user profile library structure of the other original MAX folder :). Under C:/user/max/documents unless you told the procmon to output to another place. I use "Agent Ransack" to find stuff on my PC's, it runs a bit like the Linux "ls" or "grep" commands, ans better than the Windows Search IMHO.
    It might be worth comparing the services running between the 2 accounts too. Try the powershell command prompt again, off the Command Prompt (admin) window (key in powershell to get the PS prompt, but create a seperate folder off the C: called DOCS using the windows File Explorer (right click in a blank white space - choose "New -> Folder" and create it first), then key in the following in the Command window after the PS prompt :
    Get-Service | where { $_.Status -eq "Running" } > C:/DOCS/running_services_new_profile.txt

    and do another when logged in in the old profile:

    Get-Service | where { $_.Status -eq "Running" } > C:/DOCS/running_services_old.txt
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       11 Dec 2015 #42

    Hi @mbridge87,

    I've been glad to see others trying to help out here, the fact that your new user profile works is a key bit of information. Was the new profile a local account without admin privileges? @TDOZ has some great advice on narrowing down the differences in running processes between the two accounts but there is still the problem that some may run differently under Admin vs User profile.

    As an aside, I noticed that you run Asus II suite in the background, this was something I decided to remove from my system as it did not seem to add any value and in fact I was concerned it may have led to other problems I was having like slow boot-up times. I am convinced my system runs better without any of the ASUS software or drivers.
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  3.    12 Dec 2015 #43

    Hi, that is a good point by philc43, that your original account/profile may have had Admin rights, but not the new account, so things could run differently. I also saw some negative posts about the ASUS Suite II. If a later update to it (check for updates under your normal admin account) will not fix it, then if you have a way of re-installing it, then try uninstalling it (assuming it is part of that messing with sleep - however bear in mind that I suspect that the ASUS Suite II will be common to both accounts - there was a lot of activity for that in the PML file). I did also notice looking at the PML file, that a Backblaze task does run (at least part of the app starts and exits a few times). However, I think it is a cloud backup service that is tied to one user account? So, if you sign on as "another" user account, I assume it would not run in its normal way, is that your understanding? Maybe its backups, once started, keep the system awake? See this URL for Backblaze best practices: Best Practices for Online Backup especially this part 4 (Part 1 mentions it needs time...):
    At least once every two weeks make sure Backblaze runs for five hours in "Continuously" backup mode (the default) and check afterwards that the main control panel says "Remaining Files: 0 files / 0 KB". This is a check that you are all caught up and that your backup is working properly. Remember, Backblaze is a live mirror of your current hard drive contents and not a permanent archival service, if your computer does not contact the Backblaze datacenter for six months then your account will be cancelled and the mirrored copy deleted from the Backblaze datacenter.
    If you have external drives, it is even more important that you run Backblaze continuously for five hours once every two weeks. If an external hard drive is detached for more than 30 days
    Backblaze interprets this as data that has been permanently deleted and securely deletes the copy from the Backblaze datacenter. When the main control panel says "Remaining Files: 0 files / 0 KB" after five hours of continuous running with your external drives attached then you know your backup is safe and caught up. Click here for more information on external hard drives and Backblaze."
    I hope some of the above is helpful. TD
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  4.    12 Dec 2015 #44

    Hey all,
    @TDOZ, I didn't realise it was as simple as create a folder called DOCS! sorry. I created the two files and compared them using beyond compare. Here's a couple screenshots from beyond compare. They show everything that's running, with the new profile on the left. As you'll notice there are two things which are different...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tophalf.PNG 
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Size:	160.7 KB 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bottomhalf.PNG 
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Size:	169.3 KB 
ID:	53234

    In terms of backblaze. It is set to backup every day between 12am and 10am. Those times are to not interfere with my ISP's upload limit. However, my computer is usually off during the night and hence it normally runs from about 6am - 10am. I also will occasionally leave the comp on over night so it back up everything. I did try to disable backblaze a little while ago but it seemed to have no impact on the sleep issue.
    @philc43, yes the new profile does not have admin privileges. Asus suite II has always annoyed me but I was not sure if I could remove it or not and hence it stayed. Needless to say it us now gone, but this has no impact on sleeping.

    I hope the beyond compare screen grabs prove useful...

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  5.    13 Dec 2015 #45

    Hi thanks for the screen shots. They are rather hard to read clearly, so can you just confirm if the 2 services are: defragsvc and wersvc.
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  6.    13 Dec 2015 #46

    Hey @TDOZ, yeah that's right
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  7.    14 Dec 2015 #47

    Hi thanks for the clarification. Note that those are Services rather than actual processes (subtle difference is that services can run on behalf of the "system", like a running "dll" file in memory, with no controlling parent or program), but are sometimes "spawned" by programs in the "system tray", such as AVG or Norton, or Dropbox etc), and Processes are usually real executable programs (that can STILL use some of those services you kindly listed). So, it would be handy to be able to also see the differences in Running Processes between the 2 user profiles. From the command prompt (admin) after keying in "powershell", try this after the PS prompt:

    Get-Process | Sort NAME > C:/DOCS/processes_by_name_old_profile.txt

    and do this under the new profile that DOES sleep, and see if there are many differences:
    Get-Process | Sort NAME > C:/DOCS/processes_by_name_new_profile.txt

    Let us know any differences you spot with your "beyond compare" utility. By the way, thanks for the note/heads-up on that utility, sounds very useful.

    In the meantime, I just wanted to ask about your AVG ant-virus. First, is it the latest version (check for product updates, not just for virus definition updates!), and secondly do you have any options to stop it running any PC Tune-Up utilities? The reason I ask, is that I have seen some low ratings for the tune-up utilities, and I was wondering if the AVG ones (like the registry defragmenter, and the disk defragmenter) might be running and taking a long time. Especially a problem if the Microsoft one might be running and fighting with the AVG one. Some users recommend removing AVG and using Avast, but I have always liked Norton Internet Security (NOTE: Not Norton 360 - too bloated and can hog the system). Norton (NIS) - is not free, but I just renewed mine by purchasing a 5-user download and licences for about $25 AUD.
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  8.    15 Dec 2015 #48

    Hey @TDOZ

    Thanks for the explanation. I use Beyond Compare usually for folder comparison when moving important things to my backup HDD. Just sprung to mind that it may be useful for this.

    Here's some screengrabs of the latest comparison. There were lots of differences here so it was not as useful as before but it still helps to point things out. If you Right Click > Open in new tab the photos will be higher quality.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bottom.PNG 
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Size:	59.7 KB 
ID:	53652Click image for larger version. 

Name:	middle.PNG 
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Size:	172.6 KB 
ID:	53653Click image for larger version. 

Name:	middle2.PNG 
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Size:	187.5 KB 
ID:	53654Click image for larger version. 

Name:	middle3.PNG 
Views:	2 
Size:	182.7 KB 
ID:	53655Click image for larger version. 

Name:	top.PNG 
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Size:	185.5 KB 
ID:	53656

    With AVG, I think it was up to date but I downloaded a version from their website anyway. I couldn't see the version number on their website and hence could not compare it to the version I have installed. I'm pretty sure I had the latest version but now I definitely do. I would get Norton but I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment with xmas. Perhaps in the new year.

    I was not aware it was running any PC tune-up utilities. There is the button to "fix performance" within the AVG app but I didn't think it did anything automatically. I've had a look through the advanced settings and there doesn't seem to be any options for this.
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  9.    16 Dec 2015 #49

    Yes, I do have smart TVs on the network so maybe that was the problem. The fix worked anyway
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  10.    21 Dec 2015 #50

    Hi @mbridg87 - I have found a better way to get a simple (linear) process list, so that your nice Beyond Compare utility does not have to deal with the extraneous column data, as we are only interested in process name differences between the accounts really:
    Try this under the powershell prompt:
    get-process | select Name > c:/DOCS/process-list-new-profile.txt

    get-process | select Name > c:/DOCS/process-list-old-profile.txt

    and then run the compare against it. It defaults to an ascending name sort. It should be much easier to see the true (important) differences then. I hope this helps. TD
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