Windows 10: Windows 10 Won't Sleep

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  1.    06 Dec 2015 #31

    @chemie, thanks for your input. Sadly, I have already tried these solutions. Just in case, I gave them another go but the result was the same. No sleep. Media streaming was not even turned on in the first place.

    powercfg /requests shows none for every category...

    We also have no smart TV's in the house...

    Really pulling my hair out with this now. I had been enjoying windows 10 up until this point. Now. I wish I'd stayed with Windows 7.

    Thanks again for everyone's help. If there are any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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       06 Dec 2015 #32

    Try these steps. Windows 8.1 wont sleep - fixedByVonnie works for win10 too.

    Make note of what you unchecked or checked as you travel through these different steps. Also if you have created a custom power plan you might want to delete it for now and use the MS balanced plan instead. I set sleep to "do nothing when i push the sleep button" since I don't even have that option on this pc.
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  3.    06 Dec 2015 #33

    Hey @lopedoggie, thanks for chiming in. There were some interesting suggestions there but I had tried most already. The IPV6 setting is something I had not done before but it had no effect.

    I had created a separate power plan while following the advice of another forum. I changed this back to the standard Balanced but that also had no effect.

    Thanks anyway
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  4.    06 Dec 2015 #34

    Hi, just on the off-chance that it MIGHT provide a fix, try adding the Hibernate option to the shutdown option list from the desktop. I have heard it can sometimes fix odd things like this. Otherwise, as others have said, it is most likely some subtle driver issue. Over time, maybe some later patches will fix it.
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  5.    07 Dec 2015 #35

    Hey @TDOZ, tried that already .

    This whole issue has been very odd. As I've said before, I'm no computer expert but am knowledgeable enough and logical enough to be able to isolate an issue to a particular component, piece of software etc. That requires, at the very least, consistency. Which this issue seems to have none of.

    I'm now thinking that it may be a combination of problems causing the issue. As such I'll need to isolate what 2 or even 3 things could be causing this. Not too easy.

    Oh well! Thanks again for all the help and if anything comes to mind do let me know .
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  6.    07 Dec 2015 #36

    Hi, as you say, not an easy problem to diagnose. I hope you are able to find the cause. In the meantime, try these PowerShell commands that can create easy to read and post text files for use with Notepad, and for posting stuff later:

    Powershell command stuff:
    Open the command porompt in Admin mode, then key in powershell to get you to the PS prompt within that.

    To get a list of running services (Assuming you have a top-level folder called DOCS, change the command to suit):
    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-Service | where { $_.Status -eq "Running" } > C:/DOCS/running_services.txt

    You can then use Notepad to read and post that information as needed.

    To get a snapshot list of running processes, try this:
    Get-Process | Sort -Descending CPU > C:/DOCS/processes_by_cpu.txt

    If you want a list ordered by proces Name try this one:
    Get-Process | Sort NAME > C:/DOCS/processes_by_name.txt

    Hope this helps, TD
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  7.    08 Dec 2015 #37

    For mbridge87: If you feel you want to get really deep into this, have a look at this post by usasma, post #7 at the end:
    Windows 10 wont go into sleep mode - Windows 10 Support
    He suggests using one of those excellent "internals" utilities by Mark Russinovitch (ProcessMonitor - it is free) to trace what happens when the system is supposed to sleep (however, the log file will be large - so zip up and put on Dropbox or other cloud service).
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  8.    10 Dec 2015 #38

    @TDOZ, Thanks for your reply. Sorry it's taken me a little while to reply. Had loads of stuff on over the last few days.

    This command doesn't work for me and I'm not sure what to change the filename to? : Get-Service | where { $_.Status -eq "Running" } > C:/DOCS/running_services.txt

    I went through all the steps in post #7 of that post. Realised you actually only asked for the last bit but I've done it all...can't hurt. I've uploaded it to Dropbox so you can download the files. You can find them here:

    I received a reply on another forum which yielded an interesting result. Their suggestion was to create a new user profile. I did this and on that new profile the computer would sleep. It still won't sleep on my main (admin) profile but it will on this new one. Does that suggest it's a software thing?

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  9.    10 Dec 2015 #39

    Hi, that is useful info about a new user profile allowing sleep to work. That COULD indicate that some executable program or service is NOT running under that profile, but IS on your normal admin one. One thing that springs to mind, is the fact that some program installers give you the option of adding the program for use by "allusers" or just the user who is logged on at the time of installation. Often though, install routines just install them for all users (such as specific mouse drivers, or backup software).

    It might be worth running that "procmon" process monitor, under the new profile, and compare the TasklistSVCHOST.txt file with the one you posted, to see if there are any executable or service process differences.

    Just out of interest, do you use the Logitech Bluetooth mouse, and the BackBlaze backup software on both user profiles (i.e. - is it active on both - do you see its icons and services)?
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  10.    11 Dec 2015 #40

    Hey, Backblaze doesn't seem to be running but the Logitech app is, I think. Only AVG was shown in task manager...I added a little screen grab if that helps at all...most likely not.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
Views:	2 
Size:	1.20 MB 
ID:	53038

    I can't seem to find the TasklistSVCHOST.txt file. Do you just search for it within Process Monitor? If you, or anyone else, is up for it I added the new logfile to Dropbox.

    Thanks .
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