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  1.    02 Dec 2015 #11

    @philc43, thanks. I appreciate your continued help. Wish I knew more to fix this myself.

    I know this will sounds stupid, so bare with me. I 've always found drivers a little confusing. There's so many and I never know what to get. I use a program called slim drivers to automatically check for drivers. Since this issue I've been trying to learn more. I guess I just never know where to find the right ones, what to download etc. It's silly but if nobody's ever told you, you never learn.

    I think I have all the correct ones at the moment but here goes. I'll try to list the main ones, at least what I think are the main ones, let me know if any are left out.

    Graphics Card Nvidia gtx 760 - (obviously not related to motherboard but I thought I may as well add it)
    Standard SATA AHCI Controller - 10.0.10586.0
    Intel (R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection -
    Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adaptor -
    Realtek High Def Audio -

    In terms of USB devices. I did try unplugging everything a while ago. All I left in was the monitor cable and power. This didn't work either. The devices themselves vary but none are game related, joysticks etc. I have:

    Wireless receiver for Logitech (unplugged this and used wired keyboard to test)
    Wireless receiver for Wacom tablet (graphics tablet)
    2 x external HDD
    USB going to monitor which provides power to it's ports

    That's it I think.

    Thanks again everyone.
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  2. philc43's Avatar
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       02 Dec 2015 #12

    All looks good - you have a different Ethernet adapter to me but our boards may be slightly different, mine is the P8Z77-V LX. Are you using wireless to connect to your router or an Ethernet cable? That could be one more test to try, use a cable connection and disable the wireless card to see if it is the wireless adapter that is keeping your system awake.
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  3.    02 Dec 2015 #13

    Hi, If you have a Realtek Network adaptor, Have you checked the Advanced tab off the properties? Look for "Wake on pattern match"and set it to Disabled. I had to do this a while ago to fix random wake up issues. That was fine until the Win10 upgrade, then everything got reset, so had to repeat the above. NOTE: if you get the Win10 1511 update, that will ALSO reset a lot of driver settings, including that one, so watch out for that, as you might have to do it again! Hope this helps, TD
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  4.    02 Dec 2015 #14

    @TDOZ, thanks for your input.

    As far as I'm aware Realtek is just used for the sound on my computer. Nonetheless, I checked my network drivers and did find that setting on one of them. I disabled it but still no sleep!

    Thanks anyway
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  5.    02 Dec 2015 #15

    mbridge87 said: View Post
    @TDOZ, thanks for your input.

    As far as I'm aware Realtek is just used for the sound on my computer. Nonetheless, I checked my network drivers and did find that setting on one of them. I disabled it but still no sleep!

    Thanks anyway
    Hi, I just noticed you have 2 x external HDD connected. Are you using one of those for any Widows 10 backup services? It is possible it might be dynamically looking for new files, and doing incremental backups? Do you have any sort of scheduled backups or special backups set up? What are the external HDD used for, and do any programs use them all the time? TD.
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  6.    03 Dec 2015 #16

    @philc43, I'm using a power plug to connect to the internet. I tried disabling the wireless adapter but it didn't work. Strangely, it wasn't as simple as that. I'll explain at the end of this comment.
    @TDOZ, I am using one HDD as a backup and the other is just for random files. It's only plugged in when needed. I tried unplugging the HDD used for backup. This did not solve the problem. However, same as above it was not as simple as that. By the way, in terms of settings, the backup HDD was just left as default.

    So. I disabled the wifi and the backup HDD and the computer went to sleep. Repeatedly. Didn't seem to be a fluke. Great, I thought.

    I attempted to narrow down which was causing the issue and it seemed to be the HDD. I activated the Wireless and the computer was still sleeping. I restarted the computer to see if that would start the issue again. It did.

    At that point, with either the wireless or HDD disabled, or both, the computer still would not shut down. Then I thought I'd test the USB port the HDD was attached to. I unplugged it and the computer started to sleep. Strange as I tested all USB ports before but fine I went with it and began to test.

    Repeatedly, the computer would sleep with the HDD unplugged and not sleep when it was plugged in. Then it gets confusing and very frustrating. I decided to plug other devices into that USB port to see if it was the port itself. On a couple of occasions, this theory was confirmed. Other devices plugged into that port stopped the computer sleeping. However, suddenly the consistency stopped and the computer went back to not sleeping. Even with every cable unplugged apart from the monitor and power, the computer would not sleep.

    I am so confused. I'm not great with computers but I can usually narrow down an issue by process of elimination and then google the issue. Here, there is no consistency! One minute I think I've found the cause and the next it's back to not working.

    I've probably put at least 8 hours into trying to resolve this. I'd happily perform a clean install of windows 10 at this point but who's to say the issue won't just return?

    What do you guys think? Should I do the clean install?
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  7. philc43's Avatar
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       03 Dec 2015 #17

    Great job in narrowing down the cause. I think the repeated plugging and unplugging of the ports can get the power management confused and a restart is needed to sort out the ports.

    Personally I would not do a clean install because the problem will probably come back to haunt you again. If possible try to get to a position where you can work without the backup HDD and only plug it in when you want to back up or when the system tells you to reconnect it. That is the way I work and I have to admit I occasionally get times when my system will not go into sleep mode by ityself. This generally sorts itself out next time I restart the system and I just live with it.
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  8.    03 Dec 2015 #18

    Hi, thanks for the very useful info and things you have down to narrow things down. I recall a similar issue on my current home build, but when it was under the WIN7 OS: I found that whenever ANY USB3 device was plugged in, it would NEVER go to sleep. I remember that you said you had an issue with the drivers, and I found that there was a later one available from the Motherboard manufacturer (although it was a Beta level at the time) that fixed the issue. I like to use the Piriform Speccy program to have an easy/handy GUI way of looking look at the hardware and mobo devices and drivers, but the WIN10 1511 update removes that, as it is not compatible. However, you can use the "portable" download that WILL run under WIN10 1511, as it ONLY uses the 32-bit mode. Try here for the Speccy Portable download:
    Speccy - Builds
    and if you can tell us the USB3 controller type, I will try to find what might be needed . Another great free tool I would recommend for getting a nice web-viewable (HTML file) report of what is on your PC - is Belarc Advisor. It is free for personal use, and even gives you a report on any security patches you might be missing. Hope this moves you forward a bit more :) TD
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  9.    03 Dec 2015 #19

    Thanks for both of your comments.
    @philc43, that's the trouble. I don't feel I have narrowed it down at all as there is no consistency. Other than the brief period this morning when I thought I was on to something, I've not been able to replicate the results. In fact, I can't make the computer sleep at all now. I tried disabling wifi, turning off backup and unplugging the HDD and, just for the sake of it, unplugging everything except power and monitor. I then restarted the computer and it would not sleep...
    @TDOZ, It would make sense, as per this mornings attempt, if it were a USB3 issue. On the other hand, I now can't replicate the results. So maybe it isn't.
    I downloaded Speccy but I must admit I'm not sure what to do with it. Nor am I sure how to identify the USB3 controller type. I attached a screenshot. Does that help at all?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
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    Thanks again to you both
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  10.    03 Dec 2015 #20

    Have you updated your video drivers? They can cause sleep issues...
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