Windows 10: Is keylogging holding you back?

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  1.    03 Dec 2014 #11

    I wouldn't call it a "keyloger" per say.
    Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree. MS indicates that they are capturing keystrokes. That is "keylogging". Just because they might not be capturing all the keystrokes all the time only changes how much keylogging they are doing, not the fact that they are doing it.

    Until they provide a feature that allows us to limit what they capture and when they capture it, we have no way to limit the kind of information they are capturing and/or retaining.

    In my case, I've decided to err on the side of caution by not entering anything I do not want them to capture.
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       03 Dec 2014 #12

    I agree with the dissenters...keylogging is a hacking utility. To think that it will all stay in the "right" hands...that my sensitive info is "safe in the loving hands of MS..." is naive. I think it very risky to enter personal and sensitive info into Ten at this point. Even the slight possibility of risk is enough to solicit my caution. I have long trusted MS, but their info collection process as of late erodes that trust. They, along with Google and others want to know everything about you. It makes me feel that we are now entering the Socialistic era of Big Brother (D). The technology is in place to control the masses with information.

    So the answer to the question? No, it isn't holding me back from testing. But I won't be entering any sensitive info into the MS servers until W10 has been out and is determined by independent and objective sources that such information collection has ceased and third party software is available to safeguard against the possibility. I also have my win10 install fire-walled (hardware) off from the rest of my network. I won't be subject to the security risks of a Smart Phone while using my desktop.
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  3.    05 Dec 2014 #13

    I also am not that concerned about it but I'm not using Win 10 as my everyday machine either. At least MS was somewhat open about it. The fact of the matter is a lot of us could have keyloggers on our machines and never even know it.
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  4.    05 Dec 2014 #14

    badcat said: View Post
    I also am not that concerned about it but I'm not using Win 10 as my everyday machine either. At least MS was somewhat open about it. The fact of the matter is a lot of us could have keyloggers on our machines and never even know it.
    So true. I use Win10 for everyday usage just because it works fine for me and I really like it. With each patch it's becoming more stable for me at least.

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  5.    09 Dec 2014 #15

    Mark Phelps said: View Post
    Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree. MS indicates that they are capturing keystrokes. That is "keylogging".
    God, not this again...

    This has been clarified many times. Microsoft is not keylogging. There is no "utility to capture keystrokes". What there is, is the *EXACT SAME THING* that has been in windows since, I think IE8, and Microsoft has just clarified this in their EULA.

    What they are referring to is the "feature" of Internet explorer to correct spelling. As you type, the words get sent to Microsoft to verify spelling, and little red squigglies show up under them when they are not real words... like "squigglies". Microsoft does not capture or retain this information in non-beta versions, but the fact that it's sent to them means it does pass through routers and can possibly end up in log files.... even in production versions. This is MS "Covering their rears". And it's a feature that is in Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. You can disable it by turning off spell-checking, just like you can disable smart-screen to prevent Microsoft from seeing the websites you visit. Microsoft also collects "keystrokes" when you type in the address bar for autocomplete purposes, since those get sent to Microsoft as well so that they can return autocomplete results to you.

    That is *ALL* this hubbub is. So please stop willfully repeating this nonsense about keyloggers in Windows 10. It's nothing that's not in every version of Windows since at least Windows 7.

    The only difference here is that it's in the EULA. Certainly Windows 10 collects all kinds of other data as well, much of that data is actually newly collected. This particular feature is not new. And Microsoft has said they are analyzing the spelling and autocomplete data to improve the feature in Windows 10. But the same risk is there regardless.

    Either you trust MS with that data or you don't. If you don't, then you shouldn't be trusting that they aren't recording and saving that data in Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 either.
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       09 Dec 2014 #16

    Dedoimedo's Take

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  7.    09 Dec 2014 #17

    lehnerus2000 said: View Post
    Thanks for the link!!

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  8.    09 Dec 2014 #18

    Thanks for the link also!
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    usasma said: View Post
    Thanks for the link also!
    that article was well-done.
    I passed it around to a few smart folks.

    MS still has an opportunity here but they have really got to comprehend the larger world and get out of the "protect the base" mode and mentality. google and apple are still gagging over the painful idea of docking handsets and using them for all purposes instead of some purposes - still a "sell the device" mentality, or really what they want [the googles of the world] is to keep trendlining toward a "rent my terminal" model where they control everything - just like Matrix.... the user is just a tax unit :)
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