I have Mozilla Thunderbird for my eMail on old W7 PC
Also have on it, under the same menu, my Newsgroup Reader, eternal September.

Trying to transition everything to new PC running W10.

Old PC is about 5 yrs old, and I have no idea how to get the Newsgroups reader from eternal-september active.
The eMails, I am proud to say, I got working on the new PC.

I went to the eternal-september site, logged in, I think, O.K., as I found the old log in info., but
from here I am absolutely stumped. Doesn't seem to be anything like a simple download button, or...
They sure don't make it easy.

As it's been 5 yrs since I did it on old PC, I don't remember anything about how to do it
Their site really doesn't offer a readable guide that I could find.

If anyone could perhaps walk me thru, very specifically (am 80 now), step by step, on how to
install the Newsgroups under the Thunderbird eMail menu (like I had on old PC) would be most appreciative.

Assume you are dealing with a complete moron with this "stuff".
Blame it on old age.

Thanks again,