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  1.    20 Nov 2015 #1

    Windows 10 VS moving over to Apple OS

    I have been a loyal windows user for years starting with my very first PC running windows millennium. Along the way one of the things I learned was that in order to keep things running smoothly, I needed to pickup windows problem solving skills along with using a programs like event monitor/reliability history cc cleaner etc. While I loved win 7, my curiosity for win 10 was just to hard to wait the year or so before I was intending to download it.
    Needless to say, it has been a challenge as the new OS is still being improved.

    So my question is this...

    Some of my friends seem to think they are better off with Apple computers because they feel they require less user intervention, and just plain work all the time. They feel that they don't need to stay in constant troubleshooting mode to keep their computers running as they should.

    Is this a fallacy because after being on windows for so long I can't imagine a computer that would be largely self sufficient without all the issues encountered in MS operating systems.

    And yes, I love windows 10, but am frustrated by the many problems with the upgrade process.

    So did I pick the wrong platform years ago?
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  2.    20 Nov 2015 #2

    I find them both the same for how they run (moved back to Windows in 2013)

    I don't run any software to clean up windows or do any real maintenance on it, similar with Mac, I just let the OS manage itself, I never have/had to stay in troubleshooting mode on either

    Its personal choice whether you like OSX or Windows, and both can have issues

    I moved back to windows mainly because of the version of OSX my machine could run, It was 4 years old and that was at the end of its life for os upgrades, the last version of OSX it ran I did not like, so I moved back to windows
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  3.    20 Nov 2015 #3

    It is absolutely a fallacy. There's nothing wrong with Windows 10, and the vast majority of issues are caused by bad drivers or third-party apps. Apple's aren't any more reliable than a Windows PC, which is an absolute embarrassment on their part since Apple controls the hardware, too. I recently left a job that I held as IT Manager for 10 years. We had 5 Apples and 20 Dell PCs. The amount of issues was split about 50/50.

    As mentioned, Windows 10 is very stable. If you are running in to issues, the fix is almost always a simple one. Download the correct, latest drivers for your hardware, wipe the system clean and install Windows 10 as a clean install.
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  4.    20 Nov 2015 #4

    While nobody (with at least basic understanding of IT) disputes the fact that Windows 10 still contains a large number of bugs, both new and inherited from previous versions of the OS, it is also safe to say that most of them are mere GUI-level blunders. The core functionality of the system has been polished pretty well by now. I am sure that if you switch to Apple machines, you will quickly discover that the situation there is very similar (especially after the new OS releases :) ).

    But it really boils down to what you are doing with your computer. If you involvement with the ecosystem is so thin that you can easily and casually consider the matter of "switching", then... well... you can switch anytime. And you might even find Apple products easier to work with. Might.
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  5.    20 Nov 2015 #5

    The biggest difference between MAC computers and Apple OS is that Apple has 100% control over both the hardware configuration and the OS. Of course it's easier to write something more stable and "self-sufficient" when you know the exact hardware configuration you are writing it for.

    Microsoft has to write Windows to work on literally billions of different hardware configurations that they have no control over.

    It all depends on what your priorities are. If you want flexibility and mostly being on your own - Windows. If you want big company support and their "guarantee" that it will work - limited to only their hardware and software - Apple.
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       20 Nov 2015 #6

    I use Win7, Win10, Linux Mint and Mac OS X. Mac is okay but not without some problems at times. Biggest issue is there's not nearly as much free or cheap easily-found software for the Mac unless going through the Apple Store [did Windows copy that?]. There's a lot for Linux but takes more time to find comparable to what is available for Windows.
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  7.    20 Nov 2015 #7

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I pretty much expected the opinions that I got, and even during moments of frustration, I do not intend to switch. Really liked Win 7, and love Win 10 when working correctly.

    Deaconfrost, you are absolutely correct in that most of my issues have been drivers, with win 10 updating drivers that were working fine. I will be trying a fix that will allow driver updates to be hidden from view this weekend.
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  8.    23 Nov 2015 #8

    I would add though that the one error with Windows 10 is the massive push by Microsoft for the upgrades. To everyone's point, third parties are normally the issue with Windows. It normally takes them 12 to 24 months to catch up due to their own business priorities. This is why we all love Windows 7 as a great and stable operating system, when in reality it had just as many problems on release. While I like Windows 10, my one qualm, still, is the pushiness of Microsoft to upgrade. I would prefer they just let me upgrade when my drivers and me are ready.
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  9.    23 Nov 2015 #9

    Hi there

    Macbooks are great if you can afford them - note nothing to stop you running Windows as a VM on these machines.

    It's usually a matter of personal preference and your own finances.

    I find the most convenient system is to use a LINUX (Centos rel 7) HOST with W10 as GUEST VM (together with a Guest W7 VM which I still need for running corporate applications / logging on to their systems and an XP Guest VM which I run some studio applications on - VINYL record cutting for example).

    The Linux CENTOS R7 system is really stable -- it's the desktop version of the well used and popular RED HAT ENTERPRISE system and all my VM's perform perfectly -- these days you can get really good performance from VM's - almost the same as NATIVE - especially with an efficient host system like centos. There is a bit of work to set it up to start with but it works just fine.

    Apple -- whilst the hardware is great - is just to restricting for my taste. Linux works as if I get fed up with a Windows application there's usually (althgugh not always) a Linux - usually free -- alternative.

    Note this is NOT Linux vs Windows -- I like and use Windows 10 daily - and I certainly haven't run into anything like most of the problems people seem to have with it. I have also tested W10 running in Native mode as well as running the insider builds - again with minimal problems.

    A lot of problems could easily be avoided by people if they take sufficient backups -- then any update or software installation that doesn't work can be rolled back with the minimum of fuss. We've been saying this AD NAUSEAM about ensuring people take backups -- but even though we have FREE programs to do this and very cheap large storage devices available people still don't listen. !!

    Actually W10 is remarkably stable in most cases -- I haven't had it break on me yet -- the only cludge is Networking - but Ms's / Windows networking has always been hideous so nothing new there.

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  10.    23 Nov 2015 #10

    I don't own an apple computer as have always been a windows user computer-wise. However I have plenty of iOS hardware in the shape of iPads and iPhones. I would say the two are as bad as eachother for bugs. In fact as Apple controls their own hardware I find their blunders less forgiveable. Apple pushes out iOS updates like they are going out of fashion and in recent times have a tendency to break stuff because they insist on fixing what didn't need fixing. I think MS is better at letting an OS have a longer run and mature whilst Apple renews OS and iOS every single year causing lots of new bugs and not fixing old bugs. There have been some terrible wifi bugs in their OS releases of late. At the end of the day it's what we want from our OS. I want a serious OS that does everything but my guilty pleasure is gaming and Windows wipes the floor with Apple in that respect.

    The thing I want from both companies is as someone else mentioned , to be less pushy and frequent with updates. I would of happily stayed with Windows 7 for decades but of course feel pressurised to move on and don't want to be left behind. There will be a time when some new software simply refuses to run on the older OS systems. I am glad I skipped Windows 8 and went straight to 10 with my newer machine. 10 has been giving me some grief but aesthetically it looks good and overall is functioning quite well for me. I haven't fallen victim to forced driver updates yet which is a real bad thing about WIndows 10. At the moment I am happy with my GPU drivers and do not want to change / update unless it's absolutely necessary. I hope Windows doesn't give a rude shock at some stage.

    At the end of the day Windows wins the day. Apple's mantra of 'it just works' is nonsense. They have lots of problems.
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