On one of our PCs where we upgraded to Windows 10, the handwriting recognition on the on=screen keyboard was not enabled. After some searching we found how to enable this and it worked.

The steps followed were:

The steps below show how to resolve this.

1: Right click the Windows flag in the bottom right of your desktop and open control panel

2: Click on Languages

3: Click "Options" on the right hand side of the 'English US' language selection

4: At the bottom of the page make sure the 'Write Characters In Freehand' option is ticked, then click "Personalise Handwriting Recognition"

5: Now click 'Target Specific Recognition Errors'

6: Next click 'Character" or "Word" you specify, and then proceed to type in any 6 letter word of you choice via the keyboard, Click next

7: Proceed to use your finger/mouse to write the word you have chosen into the yellow boxes, Click next and repeat the process

8: Click finish and finally click update and exit

On this one PC these settings are lost on reboot, and we have to repeat the process.

Why are the settings getting reset/lost on reboot?