I should have stuck with W7.

Here's what I want to do.

a. I want to eliminate the need for any and all Passwords. Particularly for sign ins.
I clicked on the Start icon, did the R in it, and then entered: netplwiz

I can't seem to do it from what come up; not sure what the screens are asking for ?
But, it does seem like the right place for doing it; the entering and/or changing of Users.
I do have a Password set up for the Microsoft Accounts

(but, it also seems to ask for, often, my eMail address).

How, please ?

b. I also want to set up "two sides" of the PC; one for me, and the other "side" for my adult son.
In W7 it was called Users, and very easy to do.
How, please ? (Again, I would like switching between them to be Passwords free)

I'm probably missing how to do all of this due to my age now; 80.
Hate to admit it, but I miss a lot of the nuances now.

If anyone has a few spare minutes, would be appreciative if they could walk me thru all of this.

But please, if you do, really specific, step by step.

Much thanks; most appreciative.