Windows 10: Happily I'll never have to do this again

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  1.    18 Nov 2015 #1

    Happily I'll never have to do this again

    I retire next year and I've supported PC's ever since DOS, then Windows.
    I have to date updated about a dozen client machines to Windows 10 and lately my own. Lucky for me it was the only one that hasn't run into problems.
    I find it hard to understand that after 20 odd years the mistakes and bugs coming from Microsoft appear to get worse.
    I've found myriad problems in installing, using and customizing Windows 10 but the last upgrade was the worst. It was a standard win 7 pro machine out of an office.
    The menu and search never worked, and none of the remedies helped. I added a user password, and then the thing refused to boot - flashing the "new" start screen at me repeatedly, and going nowhere.
    Start up repair didn't, system restore wouldn't and eventually I was forced to revert to 7. That option wasn't available, so I clicked on the Windows 10 icon and it actually went back to 7. Praise the lard!

    It seems to take at least 2 days to ensure a stable system, and I'm running out of time.

    After assisting many customers with the Vista and Win 8 debacles I can't take it anymore.

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    Someone with your experience would understand that upgrade issues are usually caused by system instability or third-party drivers and apps. People need to realize that you can't refer to every issue as a bug in the OS. If it was a bug in the OS, it would be easily repeatable, by almost everyone. A bug means there is an error in the code, so everyone running Windows 10 would experience the error in that code.

    In a business environment, there should be documented procedures for backing up user data, then cleanly installing a new OS from an image. Upgrades over older OSes are not something you'll see often in the business world.
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       18 Nov 2015 #3

    I'm in the process of upgrading user PC's to Windows 10 at my company and I've yet to run into any sort of issue you've described.
    As DeaconFrost said, upgrade issues are usually caused by third-party drivers, registry changes or system instability. You also have to consider whether the hardware itself is supported in Windows 10, which is very easy to check on manufacturer's websites.

    As for your restore issues, best practice is to take a bit for bit image using something like Clonezilla or Acronis True Image before upgrading, then you have a simple and complete fall back option should you run into any issues.
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    I've upgraded 8 computers at my house to everything from 32bit Home on tablets to 64bit Pro on desktops.

    # of issues: 0.
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    Same here, I have just finished upgrade #44 and the only issue I have had was one of them locking up @ 30% configuring updates while updating windows 7 from a clean install, started that one over and spoon fed the updates a handful at a time and all was well.

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       18 Nov 2015 #6

    krebbin said: View Post
    It seems to take at least 2 days to ensure a stable system, and I'm running out of time.
    After an upgrade, SFC scan, full disccleanup scan and other cleanup methods are mandatory.
    An upgrade went perfectly on mine maintained PC, but on the second one, it kept failing.
    Check bats I put together, they might give you some ideas:

    krebbin said: View Post
    I find it hard to understand that after 20 odd years the mistakes and bugs coming from Microsoft appear to get worse.
    The first Windows was made by 2 people, now it is made like by 100 thousands, so it will only get worse.
    I can not login to MS store, because according to Windows I supposedly have no internet connection.
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    You know, many cooks...
    There's always a chance of something going wrong, Murphy never sleeps, eh ?
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    No one is saying ever Windows 10 install goes perfectly. All myself and others have been saying is that there is a difference between an issue and a bug. Not all issues, in fact almost none, are due to a bug. A bug is a problem with the code, that everyone would be affected by and can only be remedied by an update to fix the code. An issue is usually due to an incompatibility, bad driver, or third-party app that can be worked through in most cases.
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  9.    18 Nov 2015 #9

    DeaconFrost, yes mostly driver issues, but with all due respect :

    - Microsoft is responsible for not ensure enough backward compatible
    - Microsoft don't let user chose what driver to install by the politics of automatic update
    - Microsoft deploy drivers that is indeed incompatible with hardware (for example Intel graphics drivers on some Asus computers)
    - Microsoft force update without checking potential compatibility with the hardware

    Those are problematic since Windows 10.

    I regret to move to Windows 10. If to do again, I would stay on Windows 8.1 (now it's too late)
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       18 Nov 2015 #10

    Microsoft provides drivers released to them by the manufacturers of the components. If Intel supplies a defective driver, I think you are being too harsh on Microsoft. The manufacturers deserve much of the blame.
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