I have written a media player in C++, I focussed it to only play mp3(s). But I got a new NAS, I thought I could spare the space for flacs. I don't like music libraries that contain a mix. So I wanted a version that played only flacs. I found the libzplay libraries, which make music streaming very simple.
I got a flac, wrote a little program and played it, fine.

I went to file properties on the flac, and noticed no contributing artist. I typed in xxxx and exited. I then went back in, the xxxx was gone. So I double clicked the file, which brought up the new player, it played for 5 secs, then just disappeared. I dropped it into WPM, which played perfectly, but it didn't display the contributing artist.

I tried musicbee, the contributing artist appeared as xxxx, fine.

I wanted to dissect the flac to see what I could change to make the flac file display correctly. So I created a folder called aa and dropped all the relevent programs into it. I typed libzplay into the file manager search field, it listed every folder and file in aa. 'aa' was a brand new folder in that location, but I often use the name for a temporary bunch of folders. I went to indexing and deleted all indices, then the search worked.

I tried to map my NAS shared folder to a drive, didn't show up under network. So I manually entered the location and mapped the drive, after this the drive does show up under Network.

This combined with icons being messed up on the desktop, and deleted files magically returning (after the trash can is emptied) makes me wish I had a noose and a Microsoft programmer.

By the way the flac problems could be related to the artist/albumartist tiff between unix and windows, they each want to pretend that they know what's best for the customer.

Microsoft 'Du Bist Ein Berliner' (for those of you who don't know it, this was a famous JFK faux pas.