I had to reinstall Windows 10 after a month when the startmenu/apps panel started to display the 'critical error' message ' which has been talked about elsewhere. There were other odd minor things happening too. On reinstalling I clicked keep all files option, but on restarting everything seemed to have been wiped including all previous installed software like iTunes, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office etc. The advice here was to look in old windows or hidden files for all previous files, but to no avail. Plus I was only allowed to sign in as a temporary user which causes any new installations to be lost when closing down. Have now found the previous files after some searching and created another user to avoid the temporary user problem, Something was clearly not right the first time round of installing Windows 10 and still not sure whether there is some other glitch waiting to happen. A tech friend has said once we have backed everything up best to do a complete rebuild. So my experience so far.