Windows 10: Windows 10, cannot solve the issue with the OS

  1.    15 Nov 2015 #1

    Windows 10, cannot solve the issue with the OS

    I have a Dell laptop, I'm using OS Windows 10. Upgrade from Windows 8.1. I do not have a usb/recover drive nor do I have a disk to use as one. My problem is when I try to log on it goes to the load right before user login. Load circle just spending. If I hold ctrl+alt+del it open to the password/login screen, but it is empty with just internet connect, ease of access and power buttons visible and working properly. I have force down powered it to reach the advanced options and load safe mode networking this allows me to enter as administrator. Does not allow me to use CMD.exe for sfs /? Repair command, works only as a scan. Parameters, files, settings and much more vital paths/settings are missing. The search desktop bar and cortana are unresponsive. Thanks for any help, I'm lost at this point with not even being able to reset or clean install. Need more info, pics or error codes please contact me!
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  2.    15 Nov 2015 #2

    You can get install media here, Then clean install with it if you want. May also be able to do a reset/repair with it too. Have a look in the tutorials section for instructions once you decide on what you want to try.
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  3.    16 Nov 2015 #3

    I am only able to enter Windows 10 via safe mode. The main issue with this is it is not allowing me to use any of the Windows tasks such as update, recovery, repair and even reset. I am able to access recovery, recovery executes as it is suppose to until Windows attempts to login. When I arrive at the prior load before login it is doing the same just loading until I use the ctrl+alt+home to bypass and arrive at the login with only the Internet connection, ease of access and power option. I believe the only way I could fix this is to setup/reinstall in boot process. I have downloaded Windows 10 setup and 8.1 because it is my previously used activated Windows on my USB flash drive. The computer acknowledged that the USB drive is bootable, but when I try to boot it before my system drive it says "No operating system detected" thanks for your help I am in dire need of a solution. I'm willing to delete, restore, reset or anything to install my operating system.
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  4.    16 Nov 2015 #4

    If your USB drive is large enough, download and create a bootable USB drive using another PC and try using this to run either a repair or clean install of windows on your laptop. The link is listed above in alphanumeric's post.
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  5.    18 Nov 2015 #5

    I tried using it the bootable system image, bootable Windows 10 repair tool and the new November update. None of these attempts were successful. I am willing to restore my previous Windows 8.1. Unfortunately I do not have any disk or back up for this. Any ideas or suggestions would be amazing. Is the a way to reset my entire computer to when I first purchased it? Dell Vostro v13, a solution has to be out there. When I go into my factory bios it shows my hard drive being bootable and also my usb drive. The only one that will boot is not love damaged hard drive OS and I cannot log in other then Safe mode. Please help! That you!
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  6.    18 Nov 2015 #6

    You ca get Windows 8.1 install media here, that will read and use your OEM embedded key. To figure out what version to install you can use this, It will tell you what version was installed at the factory. The other option is to just clean install Windows 10.
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  7.    18 Nov 2015 #7

    Hi, you may have had something installed in Win 8.1 that Win 10 didn't like. That happened to me. But it's only one possibility of several. For example, it's generally recommended to uninstall your AV/Firewall; my first attempt failed with a black screen before logon because I had a small 3rd party program installed.

    As said above- probably the only way forward now is a clean install using newly downloaded Win 10 install media.

    Lesson to learn: use disk imaging- regularly and before any major change. Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper (both free) + boot disk and external drive for the backups. That way you can restore your PC to exactly how it was in a defined time.

    Your first priority should be to make sure you have a backup of any files you want to keep.

    Note: with a clean install, you will lose any installed settings and programs, (and files on the partition on which your OS is installed) so make sure you know any license codes you may need.

    (I'm not sure it would help in this case, but you can (normally) get to a command prompt with by
    SHIFT key+ click on Restart,
    navigate through the troubleshooting prompts to a command prompt.
    You can then run chkdsk and try sfc /scannow from there- care which drive letter you are using. Check with the DIR command e.g)
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  8.    18 Nov 2015 #8

    Thank you very much for your time. The issue with uninstalling the firewall I have set is system will not allow me while I am in safe mode. I can access the Internet limited. View and download all that I need. Then again system will not allow me to access tools, installs or setup of any sort. It may be that malware/Trojan got into my system. I extracted and deleted all signs of it, yet I feel that it is the one that changed settings... Deleted files and parameters. I've ran all command prompt actions to no success due to so many files and paths being out of place or missing. Maybe if I do as suggested with the key and 8.1 I will have positive results. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again!
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  9.    23 Nov 2015 #9

    Still my problem will not resolve. Recovery options fail, create USB drive recovery and OS setup, have no cd drive so can't use that option. I've tried to acces my files via router share and one drive with no luck. Anyone have anymore ideas? Read what been suggested I have tried all thanks
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  10.    23 Nov 2015 #10

    bradymicro said: View Post
    Still my problem will not resolve. Recovery options fail, create USB drive recovery and OS setup, have no cd drive so can't use that option. I've tried to acces my files via router share and one drive with no luck. Anyone have anymore ideas? Read what been suggested I have tried all thanks
    If you have access to only one PC, and have no friends to help you download installation media, try booting to Safe Mode with networking. I would think you should be able to download installation media if you can connect to the internet.

    Do make sure you have - or make- a backup of anything you need to keep.
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