Hello everybody. So I followed a bunch of tutorials online that show me how to debloat Windows 10 a bit as there are some apps and features that I believe I will never use.

One of the articles was about using PowerShell to uninstall packages manually, and so I followed it and removed some (this reddit post)
The other one was a PowerShell script that automatically does the job for you (link to post). This one actually ended up with a lot of errors.

I then restarted the OS and got a notification that it's setting up some updates before shutting down. When the OS rebooted, I once again got the notification that it's finishing setting up some updates and once I got to the desktop, everything was HUGE. The taskbar, the icons, the fonts, everything.

I went ahead and checked the screen resolution that was set and surprisingly it was normal (1600x900). Here is a screenshot of how everything appears huge. https://i.imgur.com/gFmqVxW.png

What I am using:
  • Windows 10 64bit (upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
  • PHILIPS 203V 19.5" monitor (link to specs)

What I have tried:
  • Attempted to uninstall that particular update.
  • Checked for driver updates for my NVIDIA GPU, downloaded the latest driver, did a clean install and rebooted.
  • Attempted to do a System Restore but unfortunately I had the feature turned off and there were no restore points available.

Does anybody know any solution to fix this without having to reset the whole OS and have all my installed software gone?