The first has been present since I upgraded to Win10 from Win7 Pro. I have two identical CD/DVD Drives that worked perfectly in Win7, but only one is recognized by Win10. However, the other one is working, because if I place a disk into the drive the indicator light starts blinking and the drive starts spinning, but nothing loads. It is not shown in Device Manager or on the list of drives on the HDD.

The other problem was noticed about 10 days ago and has to do with the flash screen at boot up. Before this at boot up the screen showed 16 GB of memory, but lately it shows as 1024 MB. It also has noticeably increased the boot up time and to a lesser degree the loading of data. I checked the System and it showed the 16 GB installed and the Bios also indicated 16 GB.

Any help that I might receive in solving these things would be greatly appreciated. If a solution to either would require some Registry changes I am comfortable with that.