I built my current PC back in September with Windows 10 and I also have a laptop which I upgraded to Windows 10. The laptop seems fine for now.

Gigabyte Gaming 7
R9 Radeon 390
Windows 10 Home

I'll try to be as clear as possible however I am lacking screenshots etc. If the problem returns, I'll definitely gather the info and post it here.

Yesterday, I turned my PC on and was greeted with no start menu. A dialog box popped up saying Start Menu and Cortana has failed to start. So I went and checked online to see if this was a common problem and apparently it is or was. I reset my PC twice and on the second time the error was gone and the start menu was back without any further issues as of now.

Now this morning, I turned on the PC and another dialog box popped up referring to "TiltWheelMouse.exe...._Onclick error"; I couldn't click anything. Again, I quickly closed the dialog box without gathering more information unfortunately and reset the PC again. And again, the issue is no longer there.

The odd thing is, I thought it may have been related to a windows update, so I pulled it up. Oddly enough, under "Advanced Settings" in Windows Update it says, "Some setting are managed by your organization." This is also under pretty much every other area. I'm assuming this is a policy issue regarding this one. I'm on Win 10 Home so I don't have "gpedit.msc".

And last, a friend of mine recently has had the same issue with the Start Menu and Cortana but his doesn't pop up a dialog. It's just gone. His has been gone for a few days and mine just happened yesterday. He cannot get his back with the "fixes" online regarding it.

I'm just trying to reach out to anyone who may have had the same issue or I'm wondering if this is related to another problem.

I've scanned for Malware etc with no results. I appreciate any feedback regarding this issue. I'm assuming the issue still remains hidden somewhere and will resurface eventually.