Allow me to preface this by stating that I have found several similar if not identical issues on this website as well as others.
In an effort to help one another reach a solution to this apparently common problem, I thought it best to post the following:

I too am having a similar issue.
Installed Windows 10, now 0 items indexed at all times.

I have my user profile on a separate hard drive due to the small size of my SSD.
This required me to make modifications to the registry so that the profile truly resided on the secondary drive. ( )
I fixed the 0 indexed problem before, but now I cant remember how I did it or which or the numerous troubleshooting processes was the one to actually fix the problem.

The problem returned when i had to restore my data from an old backup - thus undoing any of my previous fixes. However, this means that my problem MUST be related to my specific user profile as it is the only thing that was changed. Again, my profile resides on a separate drive and it is this drive that needed to be recovered - nothing else. This should help us to track down the problem.