Oversized Windows

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    Windows 10

    Oversized Windows

    Surface Book 3000x2000 resolution @ 200% scaling
    U2715H external Dell monitor 2560x1440 resolution @ 100% scaling

    As an example, I'll use PowerPoint 2016.
    On the clipboard monitor, it displays fine, regardless of what I set scaling at.
    On the monitor, everything looks obnoxiously big.

    Is there any way to adjust this?

    I don't seem to have this issue with applications like Chrome, Visual Studio 2015, and other applications.

    ConEmu is another app that's "oversized". I'm noticing that the "oversized" apps don't increase/decrease in size when moved between the clipboard display and the external monitor, they stay the same size, where as the apps that look fine, when moved to a different resolution display will increase/decrease in size once they're primarily in the new display they're getting moved to.

    I've tried messing with scaling and screen resolutions. Even tried lowering the resolution of the clipboard display to be proportional to the external display's physical size and resolution, and lowering its scaling to 100% (which had no effect). It's like some apps are immune to the scaling effect.

    Thanks for any help offered
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    Win 8, 8.1, 10

    Nobody may be sure, but in case of ConEmu it may be either old build, or misconfigured options, or even a bug (don't think so).
    Try to run "ConEmu -basic -cmd cmd" and check the behavior.

    Actually a few applications are able to process per-monitor dpi properly. Types of dpi-awareness.
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    Thanks Max,

    I tried launching ConEmu with the basic and cmd flags and that seemed to get it to follow the expected behavior (resizing to a monitors resolution). I reset my settings and the shortcut then reverted to that behavior. I tried to track down what I may have set to recreate the behavior I was seeing but couldn't figure it out.
    As I was going through the link you sent about DpiAware, I was noticing the issue with the menu dialog controls being cut off but didn't seem to have anything to do with varied scaling settings between monitors. It seems to happen (for me anyways) when the scaling is set to 100%. If I set a displays scaling to 150%, the dialog displays fine (regardless of it being the primary display or secondary).

    Still unclear why this happens with PowerPoint and not the other Office products, but as your blog points out, it's probably a DPI aware issue and/or configuration with PowerPoint itself (which I've not changed any settings on).
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