I have been reading reams of info on the recent moves by Microsoft to force/fool/trick users into moving to Windows 10 (the GWX debacle) and the mysterious nature of many recent Windows updates - that in reality are merely setups (and data gathering) updates designed to compromise a clean tidy Windows 7 Home or Pro install.

I have tried to keep up on the latest info to combat the issue (Hiding Windows updates, killing telemetry tracking, removing GWX stuff etc) but it seems like a losing battle as it seems every month MS ramps up more crap by changing optional updates to Recommended and finding new way to force a Win 10 setup into our lives.

One idea that I am kicking around is testing my MSDN clout and trying Win 7 Enterprise on my desktop. Is this version of Windows immune to all the above crap and can I run my machine the way I want it so I am not running rampant each month trying to kill off processes and updates I do not want.

And don't get me wrong - I have Win 10 on one machine for now and the verdict is still out whether to keep it or not - but I do not want anything to do with Win 10 on our other 4 machines at this time.