I have a big problem that I need your help in solving...
About a month ago I bought a new Mini PC from gearbest Chinese store, it came with windows 8.1 and android 4.4 installed and since it has arrived i have got blue screen errors. i have had many support emails with gearbest and the most i could get out of them was a $28 refund from a $95 PC. At the time I took it as the errors seem to of disappeared. Recently the errors have come back and it seems to be worse as in freezing while in the middle of something, I reported this again and said that I know want the full refund as the situation has made the PC become unusable and they refused. I decided to open a dispute with PayPal in hopes they can get my money back (PayPal has always been great to me in refunding me in the past).
I then wanted to take the matter in my own hands and try to get into the BIOS and reformat, maybe this will help or maybe it won't. I have a Windows 10 installation on a USB drive that I stuck in the PC and got BIOS to boot from it and it just ignored this and went straight to windows 8 startup. I went back in the BIOS and looked at the settings for the EMMC and disabled it and restarted but it went straight into BIOS without looking at the USB so I re-enabled EMMC and it does the same thing booting straight into BIOS. It looks like the EMMC is wiped so I need to install a copy of Windows on it but how?
Any suggestions guys and congratulations if you managed to follow this