Here is my experience with windows 10.
I had windows 7 update1 installed and all was well. I was reading all the comments and stories about win 10 on this board. After several weeks I decided that windows 10 was stable enough to give it a try.
So in made an image with Macrium, just in case, and did the upgrade to win 10. It worked without a problem. All seems to be working fine, including old games from 1995 (Fury).
1 problem remained, Edge could not open a .pdf file from my gas company. I figured they would get that fixed eventually. Till then I just clicked on the 3 dots and opened the site with IE11.
I had to re-install a few driver, but all my software worked fine.
So I decided to do a clean install of win 10 after making a new image of win 7 updated to win 10
After the clean install, the problems are:
My old games cannot find my joystick
Some of them could not be installed at all
Skype is constantly disconnecting and crashing
MS now charges for a language pack for German for Office 2013, this was free when I first got it

To remedy the above problems, I put the image of win7 updated to win 10 back on and I am a happy camper again.
These problems are on my computer, others may have no problems at all.
The purpose of this post is: