Hi everyone.
Yesterday I made an update from AVG, which needed the pc to be restarted. I did restarted it, and during the update it gave me an error page starting with " " and after it...my pc wouldn't work anymore.
When I started it, it started with the black page showing pc components information and after that another black screen with a _ on the top left of the screen going on and off forever.
Then I maneged to put Win10 driver in a Usb drive and I tried to boot from it, and it entered Recovery mode. Here I followed a guide which told me to select "Troubleshoot", then "advanced options" and finally "startup settings".
The only problem is...there is no "startup settings".There's everything else but not startup settings, so I can't even try to make it work.
How can i make my PC work again? can anybody help me? I'm kinda desperate