"Resume from Hibernation"?  

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    "Resume from Hibernation"?

    I have been using Win10 since July. It has been working fine. Just recently I noticed a blue screen at boot up stating, "resume from hibernation". I have never used hibernation in my life. Sleep mode, yes. Hibernation, no. But I have an SSD and don't use sleep anymore. I do a full shutdown every time. I noticed the same issue on my Dad's Win10 computer.

    Is this normal?

    BTW- The reason I am asking is I want to boot from a USB flash drive, but "resume from hibernation" will not allow that.
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    If this is a laptop then remove the battery and ac adaptor for a few mins and it should boot up.
    Also, try tapping F8 at boot up and choose Safe Mode, this can fix a few things.
    To disable hibernation altogether (and save gigabytes of disk space) right click 'Start' and then click 'Run',
    type 'powercfg /hibernation off' and click 'Ok'.
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    That is the weird thing. This is a desktop. i will try your suggestion. Thanks!
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    It is normal for a laptop to automatically transfer to Hibernation mode from Sleep mode if it's sleeping on battery power and the battery is about to go flat. Many (if not all) laptops provide support for this feature, which makes them automatically wake up from sleep and enter hibernation instead.

    You desktop is apparently waking up from so called Hybrid Sleep, which is a mix of Sleep and Hybernation. The same thing could be happening on the laptop, if your sleep settings are configured accordingly.

    If that's the reason, check your Power Options settings and see what it is set up for with regard to sleep.
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    I checked and it appears you were right. According to MS by default when a computer goes to sleep it goes in the Hybrid Sleep. I disabled this.
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    Hi All here on the forum,

    I'm having almost the same issue, Resume from Hibernation,
    it all started just after the last update from m/s with win 10,
    I have 3 tb drives, 2 have win 10 instated 1 of the 2 is working with no problem to report,
    all of this is on a self built desktop see profile,
    Have never use hibernation on either drive, using balance power setting for unit on both,
    have set to fast start and shut down on both,
    After trying different thing for a few days,
    Have found that turning off fast start and shut down off Turns off the Resume from Hibernation,
    What is going on here???
    I would love to have the fast start and shut down working,
    Any help here from Shawn and the Crew
    Thanks for taking time to read and post
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    I have the same problem on an HP laptop. It recently started doing this. If I hibernate, it turns on few seconds after pressing power button theen abruptly powers off. Next press of the power button causes a fresh windows start. I looked around online and all I found was to disable hibernate as solution. That is sort of unacceptable.
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    @ yurtesen & batimn; lately experienced start problems coming out of hibernation on my HP laptop too (default action closing lid). I turned off hibernation (which turns off fast start) and just use sleep or shut down. The extra 15-20 sec to start up and 5 cents of overnight electricity makes it not worth my time to diagnose (I have plugged in 90% of time). I simply either sleep for immediate start up or shut down with lid close. Putting to sleep then closing lid retains sleep when on battery. No more issues, little time invested. Good Luck
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    @mrgeek The problem is not the battery/power usage, but that I am doing some work and I want to save the open programs as they are. Hibernate is very useful for that. I don't have to start all the programs, find the right documents, go to right pages, lines etc. You are right in a way, I could probably just standby the computer. But I tried that, but at least twice it turned on by itself in my backpack! I realized what was going on only when I felt the sudden burn on my back :) I also want to turn it off completely to avoid such accidents.

    BUT I remembered that I installed some AMD driver updates recently, I also remembered that it told me I didn't have PSP and Startnow drivers. I went to "Programs and Features" and clicked "Change" then selected "PSP Driver" and clicked "Clean Uninstall" and now I can hibernate again.

    Before that I uninstalled the "AMD Startnow" and "SMBus driver" but I think they were unrelated (because I tested after removing them and still PC was just powering itself off when resuming from hibernate).

    So, I blame the PSP driver, do you also have an AMD model?
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    yurtesen; I have HP with AMD A8-5550M processor. The driver is from 2009 but the display driver is different, is that what you updated ? You could roll back if you think that's the issue. Have you tried the original drivers for your model from HP Support page or recovery partition? Then, work forward with Windows updates.

    If it turned on by itself in your backpack, maybe jiggling of your wireless mouse took it out of sleep/standby. I've had that happen in my carry case before and switch mouse off now.
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