Have an existing W-10 Home on a Dell 660 Desktop.
It keeps starting with the Automatic Repair that goes to the "Diagnosing your PC" to the "Pc did not start correctly".
Going to "Advanced" and "Troubleshooting" I first tried to "Reset". Went thru the motions then "Could not be reset"

In Advanced, there's no "System Restore" point. No System Image Recovery".
Can't go back to previous build.
Trying to change the "Start Up Settings" just returns to the "...Repair" loop. Does not give any choices, just goes back to the loop.
The owner gave me the Dell Recovery DVD's so I can go back to 8.1 with a reinstall but I'd like to see if I can fix it.
There's a bunch of installed Programs I'm sure they don't have the originals for.
I've been using W-10 since the original build last year. Insider Program. Have seen the loop before but always managed to resove it.