As this is my first post, I did look for similar issues, but didn't find one.

I am by no means a computer expert, but have grown up around them, and have used them actively for the majority of my life, so I have a fair familiarity with them.

I recently completed my first PC build, and everything worked flawlessly. Windows 10 installed and ran fine, all my hardware was recognized without issue, and everything updated automatically upon startup. My goal was a strictly game-centric build, no overclocking or anything.

I come home today, and realize that my PC goes into the windows auto repair immediately, prompting me with an 0xc000021a error. My motherboard debug LCD was prompting me with b2 (short) 99 (short) a2 (long) my manual is very vague about it, but from what I have gleaned, it has to do with my peripherals, so I unplugged mouse and keyboard (supposedly 99 represents one or the other), no luck.

I initially tried to do a system reset, and it got to about 20% (both with and without saving personal files) and said that the process could not be completed, so I resorted to safe mode.I tried booting the computer in safe mode just to try to make some progress, and then upon rebooting to enter safe mode, it froze. I let it sit for several minutes before I manually reset the computer. Now it cycles between black screen, and MSI logo back and forth. I can enter BIOS, if I time it right. I can't get it to bring up the windows advanced options screen (to do system reset, command prompt, and such) at this point.

I remember Nvidia updating on my PC for my GPU before I left for a business trip 3 days ago, I left the computer to itself overnight, and got up and left the next morning without checking things out. I returned today to this mess...I can only figure this has something to do with it, as it's the only thing that has changed.

My only options I can fathom are;
1) unhook the GPU and run integrated graphics to uninstall/reinstall GPU drivers. I tried this, and for some reason my monitor isn't responding with my motherboard directly. I may be missing something here.
2)I'm going to upgrade my 250GB SSD with a 500GB SSD anyway - can I simply reinstall windows off my original OEM DVD and reinstall all my steam games and such?

Intel i7 4790K
MSI Gaming 7 Z97
crucial 250GB SSD
16GB Kingston 1600 RAM
EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SSC

I appreciate any input anyone can give - I'm left with a $1200 boat anchor at this point, and am unsure what to do.