So I have W10 since the release, clean install, and had no problems at all. Last night I just turned off my PC without any problems. But when I start it now, it is stuck in the W10 login screen. I do see the time and date, and the clock on the login screen is working. If I shut down the PC by pressing the power button I also see the shut down screen with my account name. So it isn't frozen.

It seems my USB keyboard and mouse aren't working when booting into W10. I can't even press f8 to boot into safe mode. The kb and mouse are working in UEFI and when booting to the USB repair/installation drive. They also still work in the Windows 7 installation I have on my other SSD which I connected. But I have to boot w7 from the USB repair/install drive and press the "boot another OS menu". When I don't do that and get get the regular w10 menu to ask for which OS to boot into, the kb and mouse aren't working either.

Is there any way to fix it? Sadly enough, I removed my backup image and some recent restore points some days ago, so I only have one from months ago. I do know I tried installing some w10 updates , some of them kept failing to install. I can get my hands on a ps/2 keyboard tomorrow, so I might be able to boot into w10 then. But I still don't know how to fix it then. I can't imagine that the w10 USB drivers or something are gone or broken.