Windows 10: Catastrophic Problem with 10/13/2015 Windows 10 Upgrade

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    windows 7 was at Windows 10
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    Catastrophic Problem with 10/13/2015 Windows 10 Upgrade

    I installed Windows 10 on October 1, 2015 coming from Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

    I was somewhat familiar from Windows 8.1 on another touch screen laptop I have.

    After the upgrade I had catastrophic problems:

    (1) The icons on the screen desktop flashed on/off at the rate of 0.5 seconds
    (2) Windows Key R (Run) would open, but I could only type in one character, then it would go away.
    (3) There was no task bar at the bottom of the page with pinned icons.
    (4) The Windows10 Key (lower left corner of screen) would turn blue, but would not open the Windows 10 desktop icons.
    (5) You could go to "control panel", but non of the icons would execute/run.
    (6) The only thing I could run were icons on the screen desktop, e.g. Mozzilla Firefox browser.

    I contacted Windows 10 support and after an hour or so of working with, remoting in and trying to understand Lauro, she was unable to recover the problem. She would either have to elevate me to level2 at a minimum cost of $99 one-time or go back to previous build.

    I elected to go back to previous build; which hung up and I had to call Windows 10 support again. I was able to revert back to Windows 7.

    However, all the work and installations ( Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013) was lost. By lost I mean all the work I had completed since October 1, 2015 Pictures, Word document, Excel spread sheet, files saved to Cloud Drive was gone.

    I liked Window 10 and was utilizing a lot of Windows 10 features.

    I am very displeased with what happened; IMHO Windows 10 is not completely read for prime time. I know you think otherwise and I am willing to listen. I would like to explore if others encountered issues with the upgrade and what kind of upgrade safeguards/recovery Windows 10 should develop and add to the Window 10 product because apparently good recovery techniques and processes do not exist now. I have fairly extensive computer/PC background and have not encounter issues this bad with previous versions of Windows (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT x, 95, Windows 3.x, MSDOS). Well maybe the Windows 95 "blue screen of death"

    Have other people reported upgrade problems ?
    Were they as bad as mine?
    If so, were they able to recover? ( Lauro was going from a help desk script and was not able to think beyond script)

    Is anyone scared/apprehensive that future upgrade problems such as what I describe above , could impact them ?


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    Some had problems, others didn't have any but most problems are caused by bad upgrade and clean installation helped in 99% of cases. Upgrade is always risky because any flows or customization of underlying system can be amplified while upgrading.
    Other problems could be because of drivers, some SW and antivirus programs.
    I had a heck of the time upgrading from Vista to 7 and some from 7 to 8 but none from 8.1 to 10.
    If your upgrade to 10 was activated, you can make full backup of your W7 and install 10240 without having to enter any license numbers etc.
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    Over a course of a couple of weeks, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Home five times, each time getting problems. Luckily I had an image backup of Windows 7, and restored my system back to it's previous state each time.
    In the end I did a clean install of Windows 10, and it went very smoothly. Reinstalling all your software again can be a pain.
    I've got expensive mapping software on my computer and it's only registered to one pc, and it doesn't like it when you change your operating system, but I managed to migrate my registered copy.
    I've still got my windows 7 image, but I don't want to go back to it.
    I like Windows 10!
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    Hi MidCow3, my first upgrade attempt to 10 from 8.1 failed because of one installed application. Some people have experienced various incompatibility problems in Win 10 because of programs installed on the Windows version from which they upgraded- that takes time to diagnose. Some others have had or still have display issues because of graphics driver incompatibility.

    And I agree with your comment about the MS rep- from MS rep comments on forums I have seen there are people here far better able to help with diagnostics in many cases.

    You should have been able to recover your import and files by (for example) connecting you unbootable disk as an external disk to another PC and copying those files from it.

    But I was easily able to get back to 8.1- why? how? Because I use disk imaging- widely recommended.

    The essential thing to do before making any significant change to your system, and as a matter of routine, is to use disk imaging as a backup. Windows is fragile- very- as you well know. Try Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper (which I use) - free- with a large USB drive, and the boot disk you can create from those programs.

    Note: Disk imaging also acts as a complete backup solution for the partitions/disk you image.

    That means you can get your PC (major hardware faults aside) back exactly as it was when you updated or created your disk image.

    Thus my major recommendations in part answer to your questions are:
    a. use disk imaging to back up everything.
    b. run the compatibility check
    c. Uninstall any AV/firewall program before upgrading.
    d. remove any theme or skinning program
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    windows 7 was at Windows 10
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    Thanks for you responses, but let me further clarify.

    I successfully upgraded to Windows 10 and had been actively running on Windows 10 for almost 2 weeks.
    10/13/2013. There were no problems with the conversion and/or initial Windows 10 install

    What failed and destroyed my Windows 10 was the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade that Microsoft distributed around October 13, 2015 (I say around because my issue happen when I restarted early morning 10/13/2015 and I got the Microsoft apply update message).


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    Can you find which update was it ?
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    Hi Midcow3- well, think back to Win 7 and the hundreds of updates... (What's confusing is you're using upgrade for update I think).
    So what would you have said about Win 7 had one of those updates gone badly wrong?

    Granted, there's significantly less control over updates in Win 10, except for scheduling restart and deferring (Pro +).

    So again, disk imaging as a backup wins...
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    windows 7 was at Windows 10
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    No - not confusing upgrade with update!

    dalchina said: View Post
    Hi Midcow3- well, think back to Win 7 and the hundreds of updates... (What's confusing is you're using upgrade for update I think).
    So what would you have said about Win 7 had one of those updates gone badly wrong?

    Granted, there's significantly less control over updates in Win 10, except for scheduling restart and deferring (Pro +).

    So again, disk imaging as a backup wins...
    Dalchinas and others,

    Let me explain again ( but please humor me and reread my first post which was very clear!)

    I know the difference between upgrade and update. Jeez!

    I successfully upgraded from Windows 7.1 to Windows 10 on October 1, 2015. I worked in the Windows 10 environment from October 1, 2015 to October 13, 2015. During that time I upgraded Office Suite to Office 2013 Pre Pro.

    Then on October 13, 2015 when I restarted my PC it said do not shut down applying updates. Okay, Windows 10 was updating (Dalchinas -this is different from the upgrade to Windows 10, Updates are usually patches or software fixes to minor problems that have been resolved).

    Okay, when the update was completed my PC didn't work. So like any other Windows you go to control panel and select "programs and features" then you sort by date and uninstall the newest patch if you have an issue ( Got that Dalchins; that is how I resolved Windows 7 and previous Windows issues). The only problem I could activate the control panel, but non of the icons would execute. In other words I could not run "programs and features" to see what Windows 10 update cause the problem.

    On the main screen of Windows 10 after the upgrade I could not get the Windows 10 button ( looks like windows pane in lower left corner of screen) It would turn from clear white lines to blue but would not open the Windows 10 desktop view.

    I could hold down the Windows key on the key and type "R" and a Run box would open up. But the box would close after I typed the second letter of the command.

    The only things that would work were existing icons on the desktop. I could access the internet through Mozilla.

    I contacted Window 10 answer team but thye were not any help.

    I successfully revert back to Window 7. Al that was lost was the installation of Office 2013 under Windows 10 and the files that I created under Windows 10 and save in the Cloud drive. Other files from Windowfullys 7.1 were backed up but they did not need to be restored.

    Ideally on Windows 10 you should be able to back-off bad updates. However, in this case Windows 10 destroyed the ability to do so, by effectively crippling the Control Panel, The Windows 10 landscape key (you may have a more official name LOL) , and the "Run" Window. Hopefully, the Windows 10 development team can correct this before it impacts other people.


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    windows 7 was at Windows 10
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    CountMike said: View Post
    Can you find which update was it ?

    No sorry! I went to Control Panel and tried to execute/run "Programs and Features" but it nor any other icon would execute/run so I could not see what update had been applied. Nor was I able to uninstall it.


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