Windows 10 NTFS hibernation locked up Solved

  1.    13 Oct 2015 #1

    Windows 10 NTFS hibernation locked up

    I'm experiencing problems with Windows 10 trying to load. I'm unable to get past the login screen. It seems that Win is locked up on me and appears unresponsive. Trying to type my password at login screen, it just seems to sit there. After a few mins some characters appear in the password field with much delay. After all of this, I have attempted to load a live Linux distro to grab files/data off the drive to start backing up the OS and reinstall. When I went to do this, I get an error message in Linux "error mounting sdb1..... Windows is hibernated,refused to mount... Operation not permitted......" How do I get Windows 10 to load to help solve this issue?

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  2.    15 Oct 2015 #2

    Update: Booted up earlier today. I was somewhat able though not 100% successful at getting it fully up and running. I was greeted by a screen: Windows Update, 100% complete, please dont turn your computer. It restarted after this and brought me back to the login screen. At this point the login seems very slow and almost unresponsive. I enter in my password, characters dont appear in the password field and I get Welcome.......... After a few mins I get a message "Invalid handle" Cant seem to be able to login. Any ideas...?

    I tried booting into a live linux USB drive to grab my data so I can reformat. Linux would not let me mount the SSD drive because its marked as hibernation. If I'm able to just grab my data off of here I can start with a fresh install. Please help.
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  3.    15 Oct 2015 #3

    Maybe you could image the drive with Macrium Reflect, and then mount that image to extract your files? Or have you tried a WinPE based bootdisk like Gandalf's, maybe they are less fussy than Linux?
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  4.    16 Oct 2015 #4

    xtcrefugee said: View Post
    Maybe you could image the drive with Macrium Reflect, and then mount that image to extract your files? Or have you tried a WinPE based bootdisk like Gandalf's, maybe they are less fussy than Linux?
    Is is possible to image the SSD with Marcium (live mode?) when I'm unable to successfully boot? I'm reading this:
    Gonna give WinPE a try. Will post results.
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  5.    19 Oct 2015 #5

    WinPE did the trick! Once I booted into WinPE I was able to backup all the data I needed. Just as I was about to reformat I booted up once more and right into W10. At least I know my data is all backup now. Speaking of backups, I know you were talking about Macrium Reflect which I was able to check out (and was available on WinPE); Im curious if Macrium Reflect has a similar live boot option to retrieve data if I get into a similar situation again. I purchased Acronis 2016 about 2 weeks prior, trying to figure out of that would have helped as well in this case. Thank you for your support!
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  6.    19 Oct 2015 #6

    No problem, glad it worked.

    The Reflect boot disk is also PE based and does have a (simple) file manager that you can start from an icon on the taskbar. It's probably OK if all you want to do is copy a few folders.
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  7.    22 Oct 2015 #7

    I'm beginning to wonder if my anti-virus solutions might have been causing conflict and thus causing the OS to freeze up. I was running KIS 16 as well as MBAM Prem; add that to Windows Defender as well and I'm almost sure there was conflict with all of these products tripping over one another. Since, I have gotten everything back up and running, I uninstalled KIS 16 and left only MBAM running and no freezes/lock ups to speak of. I had been running this config setup previously off W7 and no issues ever of this nature that I can think of. It seems as if Windows Defender is automatically enabled by default out of the box upon install of W10. Has anybody had conflict with their anti-virus product conflicting with W10 and causing startups to freeze or unable to login?
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  8.    22 Oct 2015 #8

    Not with Windows 10, but I remember Norton having problems when Windows 8.1 was released, with BSOD's etc. until they released a fix. I'm not familiar with either of those AVs you mention, but perhaps one or both have not been fully tested on Windows 10. As a general rule you should only be running one AV to avoid problems, regardless of the OS; defender should normally disable itself when you install an alternative AV program.
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