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I upgraded to 10 from 7 in August. Ten has run OK for me since then, but for a few things. I get freeze-ups for no apparent reason, which require a hard re-boot; I can't ctrl-alt-delete my way out of it.

The major thing, however, is that ever since Windows Update installed the latest "fixes" yesterday, October 14, 2015, all hell has broken loose, relatively speaking. I have no access to the Action Center, Edge won't start, and worst of all Start won't work. Right-click functionality is still there, but left-clicking results in a big error box popping up telling me that there is a problem with my start menu, and that they will attempt to fix it after I sign out and sign back in again. I sign out, sign back in, and the problem persists.
In other words, its unusable. You probably have some registry problems which a windows repair should fix.

What I would do is restore to a known "ok" point and backup every important data there, then do a complete reinstall or a windows repair. No hassle trying to iron out causes. Could be a myriad of things.

WU ran the same update for me yesterday, applied with no problems. Everything works.
I did notice System host process run from time to time so my laptop goes to turboboost mode for 2-5 minutes a day.

Also - Getting facebook notifications! :) for messages - finally! (hope it lasts)

Dont go mad over windows problems, believe it or not, my friend with a macbook air has major issues with it :)
But otoh restoring that and restoring windows are worlds apart....Sigh.

One last thing - An upgrade is an upgrade. Clean install is the best way to go.